Friday, October 3, 2008

Biden vs. Palin

After watching the debate I decided to review the transcript because I heard some very essential sound bites. Let's go over them to see how their points pan out.

Joseph Biden: "I'm not going to change. I have 35 years in public office. People can judge who I am. I haven't changed in that time." Obama's Campaign Slogan - Change We Can Believe In:

Sarah Palin: "John McCain is the leader of that reform"
Joseph Biden: "Can I respond to that?...He voted four out of five times for George Bush's budget, which put us a half a trillion dollars in debt this year and over $3 trillion in debt since he's got there."
Joseph Biden's Budget Votes:
3/14/2008 Yes
3/23/2007 Yes
5/10/2001 No
4/13/2000 No
4/25/1999 No
4/28/1998 No
5/25/1995 No
If we relied on Joe Biden's votes where would the budget be? He doesn't vote for his own party's budgets. He does and doesn't vote for George Bush's budgets. Instead of worrying about John McCain's votes Joe Biden should look at his own record. You need to pass a budget to keep government operating.

Sarah Palin on the budget: "There have been times where, as mayor and governor, we have passed budgets that I did not veto and that I think could be considered as something that I quasi-caved in, if you will, but knowing that it was the right thing to do in order to progress the agenda for that year and to work with the legislative body, that body that actually holds the purse strings."

Sarah Palin: "Being a mom, one very concerned about a son in the war, about a special needs child, about kids heading off to college, how are we going to pay those tuition bills? About times and Toddand our marriage in our past where we didn't have health insurance and we know what other Americans are going through as they sit around the kitchen table and try to figure out how are they going to pay out-of-pocket for health care? We've been there also so that connection was important." Is that Republican speak or Democrat speak?

Next Joes' attempt to connect to America.

Joe Biden: Can I respond? Look, all you have to do is go down Union Street with me in Wilmington or go to Katie's Restaurant or walk into Home Depot with me where I spend a lot of time and you ask anybody in there whether or not the economic and foreign policy of this administration has made them better off in the last eight years.

Sarah Palin: Say it ain't so, Joe, there you go again pointing backwards again. You preferenced your whole comment with the Bush administration. Now doggone it, let's look ahead and tell Americans what we have to plan to do for them in the future.

Obama picked Biden who has been a Senator for 10 years longer than John McCain. Yet the slogan is "Change You Can Believe In." John McCain picks Sarah Palin, a newcomer, and she is criticized for lack of experience. She represents what real change means in Washington, bringing in outsiders and getting rid of the insiders. Biden wants to keep talking about Bush's past. Even Bob Cratchit had to get over the ghost of Christmas past.

Paul Kanjorski, can you hear the herd coming?

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