Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kanjorski Failed To Act on the Impending Mortgage Crisis

In a press release found on Paul Kanjorski's Congressional website he admits that there were mortgage problems in the Poconos since 2001. "Since the initial disclosure in 2001 of a disturbing pattern of home foreclosures and mortgage problems in Monroe County, allegations of abusive business practices have continued to grow."

The date of this press release is August 3, 2004. "We must not only take steps at the state level to address the foreclosure problems in the Poconos, but we must also work at the federal level to prevent similar situations elsewhere in the future."

"Congressman Kanjorski is now working with his colleagues to develop bipartisan legislation to improve consumer mortgage protections and better regulate lending practices."

Congressman Paul Kanjorski why did you sit idly by as this crisis developed? You claim to be a 24 year incumbent that can get things done. Why did it take the biggest financial crisis of the century to have Washington decide "Houston we have a problem"? If your tenure bestows stature and presence where is it? You had plenty of time to formulate a well thought out plan to address this problem before it became an emotionally stressful event for all of America. The traumatic change to peoples' lives over this avoidable situation demonstrates the immediate need to remove you from office. The emergency was not the financial crisis. The emergency is the need to remove you and all of your colleagues in Washington who failed the American people.

How can you honestly face the America and tell them that you were working toward a solution? That is plain balderdash. At least people enjoyed watching Barnum and Bailey's three ring circus. "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't."-Hamlet You watched and watched by your own admission as people lost their homes. A political system that expects failure doesn't try very hard to produce anything else.

President Truman once said "The President gets a lot of hot potatoes from every direction and a man who can't handle them has no business on the job." Paul Kanjorski, you have no business trying to represent the 11th district because you couldn't get a handle on this problem before it spinned totally out of control. You have demonstrated that real financial problems are your pons asinorum. You would have us drink from the cup of neglect and oblivion.

"How do you know that the sky is falling?" asked Turkey Lurkey George Bush.

"I saw it with my eyes, I heard it with my ears, and a bit of it fell on my head," said Chicken Little Paul Kanjorski. "But I did nothing about it. However I did blame it on you."

A quote from Representative Randy Forbes (R-VA) "We scoured the halls of Congress because we wanted to join up with somebody else who's thought about these issues and who's come up with some ideas, and we kept coming up empty," Paul, you are one of those who is running on empty.

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