Sunday, February 28, 2010

SOP Recognizes The Supreme Court's Wisdom?? Well Interpretations Anyway

In a prior post Article II Section 8 of the Pennsylvania Constitution was cited as reason for unjust compensation to our legislators. After reviewing this decision by the Supreme Court we stand almost corrected.

What is meant by that statement? It is clear in their decision that the right of the voters to correct language that seems to be clear to Mom and Pop rests at the ballot box. Legislators in Harrisburg are using the system and decisions of the court to validate their actions to ingratiate themselves. It is up to the voters to correct their actions at election time.

Witness this article relating to those elected legialtors who didn't survive the midnight raid attempt at increasing their salaries.

That means at least 62 of the 119 representatives and 16 of 27 senators who voted for the ill-fated 2005 pay raise legislation will no longer be holding those seats. The House has 203 members; the Senate, 50.

Exercise your right this election cycle to send a clear message to the legislature and the courts about ignoring the citizens' pocketbook.

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