Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kanjorski- Democrats Will Lose

"If the election is decided as a referendum on the last 14 months, this coming November, the Democrats are going to lose," Kanjorski said.

Yesterday, Paul Kanjorski opened up his campaign tour with visits to the editorial departments of the Citizen's Voice and the Times Leader. He spent time trying to convince them that the problems facing the American people were the actions of the Democratic party but not him. For a moment I thought I heard Slim Shady in the background "Say it wasn't me". He not only sought to distance himself, from the articles it sounds like he was talking about another party altogether.

It might be fitting that he and Tiger Woods chose the same week to launch "Damage Control".

In a not so distance past Barack Obama handed Paul Kanjorski his victory. He latched onto Barack Obama like a koala bear cub hugs its parent. At the same time Ed "The Distraction" Mitchell launched a campaign to paint Lou Barletta tied to the hip of George Bush which couldn't have been further from the truth. Bush never supported Barletta's immigration stand so it was just plain "Russian propaganda" 60's style vs. the real relationship.

The same analogy doesn't apply to Kanjorski with Obama. It's funny how blogger comments dig Barletta for his appearances on Lou Dobb. Kanjorski couldn't wait to get in front of the camera Alexander Haig style on CNBC or any network that would have him.

One has to give Paul credit. His condenscending tone never goes away. He talks about Corey O"Brien calling him a nice young man, translation, a young pup from NEPA while I am the elitist from Washington.

“If I were to leave this year, the longest-serving legislator in the region will be Sen. Bob Casey,” Kanjorski said. “We are losing state Senators Bob Mellow and Ray Musto, who are retiring. If I go and Sen. Casey is not re-elected in his next run, then we might as well close down the ballroom.” Geez, Paul I didn't know Washington would stop running without you. What a pompous statement.

Kanjo tells the Times Leader we need his clout in Washington. “I’m in the right place at the right time to do the right thing,” Kanjorski said. “And the chance of accomplishment is there.” Geez, Paul wasn't that your story two years ago?

Kanjorski, D-Nanticoke, blamed the Obama administration's inflexibility.."His administration and he seemed to freeze in place, and so did the Congress that 'we don't give a damn, we're going to have health care.'" Kanjorski said during an interview Wednesday with The Citizens' Voice editorial board.

Remember this commercial:

Evidently Mr. Kanjorkski and Mr. Mitchell would prefer if it wasn't around.

Michael Sisak writes this commentary in his article. The challenge for Kanjorski and other House Democrats is overcoming a perception, pushed by Republicans and members of the growing Tea Party movement, that they are not governing.

Perception..hmmm. Is it perception that TARP funds were spent to bail out the banks? Is it perception that the automakers had their industry engulfed like phagocytosis by the United States Government? Is it perception that $300 billion of Stimulus funds were spent? Is it perception that the federal deficit has more than tripled the record in just one year under Kanjorski and Obama's watch? Is it perception that our children and our grandchildren were handed I.O.U's that they are responsible for by persons they probably will never meet? It is more than perception; it's reality.

We can't keep electing the same people and expect a different result. It is time to send Kanjorski and other incumbents(yes, there are a few Republicans as well) to the same retirement community Chris Dodd and Evan Bayh chose as their new address.

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