Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anniversary Of Stimulus How Did NEPA Fair Out?

Yesterday, Paul Kanjorski tried to demonstrate his "coolness" by using Twitter to announce he will run for a 13th term. Today Barack Obama announced to the world his perception on how well the stimulus program is working. As you can imagine his take is self-serving.

If you read the article you will see his proclamations are being met head-on with more than just skepticism.

Obama's next move is to send his munions like Paul Kanjorski out into the "wilderness" to tell the world about the stimulus program. They will spread more deception upon the public thinking we are incapable of our own assessment.

Well, here is one way to tell how NEPA is fairing out. Go to this site and punch in your zipcode.

Some results worth noting. Amount of jobs for Wilkes Barre 8.43, Hazleton 5.92 and the county that handed Kanjorski his win last time- Lackawanna- 32. Bloomsburg came in at 21 and Stroudsburg 11.15. What a hell of a track record for Paul. Not even 70 jobs for his district, yet his commercial from November, 2008 stated he and Barack "would stand up for us". Beautiful, just beautiful.

What was the cost for those jobs? How much did you and I spend for those jobs? $66,077,863.00 or approximately $1 million per job. Wouldn't we have been better given each job recipient $1 million dollars to spend?

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