Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost Tax Revenue In Hazleton

Mr. Paige makes the assertion that taxes became stagnant during his opponent's tenure as Mayor. Since Mr. Paige moved to Pennsylvania in 2006 it is highly unlikely that he is up to speed on issues affecting Hazleton. He appears to be relying on the political pundits that consistently lack factual information.

Let's examine the mercantile tax as one part of the equation. Businesses have moved out of the Hazleton boundaries that reduces its revenue contribution. To name a few- a new $20 million dollar Health and Wellnees Center by the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance, Physicians such as Hazleton Pediatrics, Janney Montgomery Scott brokerage firm,

St. Joseph's Hospital closed its 111 bed facility. CAN-DO is attracting the large industries to its' parks in Hazle and Butler Township. KOZ designations inside the City have reduced property and earned income tax payments to the City.

While many new businesses decided to locate in Hazleton, their tax revenue was no match for the lost revenue by such big payers as the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance physicians and a brokerage firm. It would take hundreds of mom and pop grocery stores to pay the amount of revenue lost over the years.

Once again, Mr. Paige is reckless with his assertions but it is no surprise to SOP.

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