Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mr. Paige Where Do You Get Your Water From?

This evening Chris Paige is going to hold a Town Hall meeting at the Elks Lodge in Hazleton to speak about the plan to sell the HCA water department by the City of Hazleton.

Mr. Paige,,so where do you get your water from? You see, according to FEC documents Mr. Paige lives in Skytop Meadows which is part of the Skytop Lodge environment.

According to a real estate official at Skytop Lodge Skytop Meadows was originally their development. The water is supplied by their PRIVATE water system which includes wells and a water tank.

So Mr. Paige has the audacity to come to Hazleton to tell its people that the City should not sell the water assets to a private company while he is serviced by a private entity. If that doesn't take balls nothing does.

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