Monday, March 1, 2010

Bonusgate Trial- After 4 Weeks Still At It

For some strange reason the media in NEPA is ignoring the Michael Veon et al "Bonusgate" trial underway in Dauphin County Courthouse. SOP has provided links to a few reporters using Twitter from the courtroom in the side bar.

In today's testimony Barbara Grill was "grilled"(sorry couldn't resist the temptation) about her role and that of Veon. Tracey Mauriello of the Post Gazette highlights her testimony here.

Mr. Veon and co-defendants Brett Cott, Stephen Keefer and Annamarie Perretta Rosepink are on trial for various charges including
theft, conspiracy and conflict of interest for allegedly using taxpayer resources to fund political campaigns, something the media has dubbed "Bonusgate".

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