Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Education For Chris Paige

Mr. Paige decided to respond to my post with more ridiculous assertions that only prove he is being prodded and supported by his Democratic friends. Mr. Paige's apparent lack of knowledge on municipal government is almost hilarious.

Mr. Paige, let's answer you one by one....I am typing very slowwwww so it will be easy for him to understand...

Does he deny that Mayor Barletta raised property taxes, income taxes, and garbage fees? Mr. Paige missed the class on Council Plan B which is Hazleton's form of government.  Hazleton City Council sets the tax rates, not the Mayor.  SOP hopes Mr. Paige learns more about the 11th district.

Does he deny that Hazleton's property tax revenues, income tax revenues, and business tax revenues stagnated under Mayor Barletta? Mayor Barletta warned of the consequences in 2006 regarding the illegal immigration that was occuring in Hazleton. He complained then as now that revenues were not increasing while the population surged. Of course 2006 was about the time Mr. Paige moved to Pennsylvania?

But there is not only one reason...how about the economy or has Mr. Paige been asleep the last year and half. It must be hard for a hedge fund attorney to appreciate those who lost their jobs and their homes and the economic impact those circumstances would have on municipalities, not just Hazleton, but all over the country. Of course hedge funds are only for the millionares.

Does he deny that the Altamont Hotel became a halfway house during Barletta's administration? See, e.g., Mia Light, "City Keeping an Eye on MinSec," Standard Speaker, November 7, 2009.

Mr. Paige stated in his blog that Barletta "brought a halfway house for criminals to a downtown hotel...where does the article state that action by Barletta? He also states that he attracted the halfway house to the Altamont Hotel...again where are his facts? My opinion, Mr. Paige is very reckless with his statements...well on reflection maybe more desparate.

Here is a link to the article Paige cites and what Barletta had to say about MinSec--"Both the chief and I, if we had our preference, MinSec would be in some other place. I personally wish we had a Fortune 500 company there rather than MinSec. But it is where it is. And so we are trying to deal with the realities of what it is and what it is not, what is truth and what is exaggeration," Barletta said. Why does he mistate the facts? Is it intentional? Mr. Barletta's quotes certainly don't indicate he favors MinSec.

Does he deny that Mayor Barletta supports plans to open a methadone clinic in Hazleton? Again..Mr. Paige..as in the past he was wrong with his statements and today is no different...WHERE ARE HIS FACTS??? Where is his evidence that Barletta supports the opening??

Does he deny that Hazleton Creek will be filled with experimental toxic waste? Mr. Paige evidently doesn't know that DEP stated the material is safe.
DEP Approves Hazleton Creek’s Use of Regulated Fill at Mine Reclamation Site

HARRISBURG (July 31) -- The Department of Environmental Protection has approved Hazleton Creek Properties LLC’s general permit to use regulated fill for construction activities at a land reclamation project in Hazleton, Luzerne County.

“The company’s proposal meets DEP’s strict regulations and includes conditions to ensure the safe and effective use of this material in construction,” DEP Northeast Regional Director Michael Bedrin said.

...and a hedge fund attorney is trying to state it is toxic...the only thing toxic is the information Mr. Paige tries to present as fact....

Remain silent...well how did that work out for you??

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