Saturday, February 13, 2010

Revisit Gort's Post

SOP is going to exercise some latitude to make an important point. Political guru Gort42 wrote this piece back in 2005.

Erik Knappman vs.Maryanne Petrilla

One of the most important jobs in the county government is the Controller. As anyone who reads this site knows I am a big fan of Steve Flood. The local press have portrayed him as some sort loose cannon. Sometimes we need loose cannons, rabble rousers and bomb throwers. He stepped on the toes of the powers that be and they took him down. We need people that will throw their hands in the air and say stop! He was a stickler for the law and he reminded the Commissioners of it. Thank you Mr. Flood for your service to the taxpayers.

Now we have to decide who will succeed him. I have to admit I don't know much about either candidate. Maryanne Petrilla is the Butler Township manager. I don't know what her responsibilities are, but it sounds like she is the mayor of the town. If so, I would like to hear from somebody who lives there and tell me if the trash is picked up and streets are plowed when it snows. Her opponent is Eric Knappman who had a financial advise show on WILK. He has a construction business and became a certified financial counselor.

I haven't been contacted by either candidate in the mail or any other means. If anyone has more info please send it to me.

Time has more than vindicated Steve Flood. Time has proven him a champion for the taxpayer, an honest and truthful person. And SOP never met Mr. Flood.

Time has also brought into question Petrilla's handling of the Controller's job and what occurred on her watch.

Republican Party of Pennsylvania spokesman Mike Barley released the following statement regarding Luzerne County Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla’s endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato.

“I find it very interesting that Dan Onorato has chosen to align himself with a Luzerne County Democratic machine that oversaw some of the worst cases of corruption in our nation’s history,” Barley said. “For months, Luzerne County residents have woken up to headlines detailing episodes of Democrat corruption, some of which Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla failed to catch during her time as Controller. It was, after all, under Maryanne Petrilla’s watch, that debit cards were being misused and no-bid contracts were being handed out as political favors. Frankly, her inability to report these glaring problems with Luzerne County government while serving as an elected official makes her incompetent at best.”

“That Dan Onorato would choose to align himself with Maryanne Petrilla and the corrupt Luzerne County Democratic machine should certainly raise some red flags for Pennsylvania voters.”

Looking at a past press release from Kanjorski's office only serves to substantiate pompus rhetoric and lack of substance on the part of Commissioner Petrilla's performance.

WASHINGTON - Yesterday evening, Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski (PA-11) and Luzerne County Commissioner Chairman Maryanne C. Petrilla attended the annual official White House picnic hosted by President Obama and Vice President Biden.

"It was an honor to be invited to the White House and I was thrilled that Commissioner Petrilla was able to join," said Congressman Kanjorski. "It was an eventful evening as we had the opportunity to talk with President Obama, Vice President Biden, and many others in a more casual setting. We also had the pleasure of seeing one of our Pennsylvania Senators, Senator Casey."

"I was proud to represent Luzerne County to President Obama and his family," said Commissioner Petrilla. "I greatly appreciated that Congressman Kanjorski gave me the opportunity to discuss the issues that matter in Northeastern Pennsylvania with so many members of the executive and legislative branches of government. And I look forward to making the most of those contacts as I continue to work on behalf Luzerne County's families."

Witness the layoff of county personnel and the property tax hike in Luzerne County. Those contacts worked real well on behalf of Luzerne County families.

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