Friday, April 3, 2009

Senate Chief Joe Scarnati Aims To Restore Public Trust is reporting that Senate Leader and Lt. Governor Joe Scarnati wants to restore public confidence in Harrisburg after reeling from a series of scandals.

"Without out doubt, there is no issue more important today. The No. 1 issue we have is restoring respect and trust back into the Legislature that we once had," said Scarnati, who is the Senate's president pro tempore and the state's lieutenant governor.

Speaking at a fundraiser here on Wednesday night, the Jefferson County Republican also touched on the GOP's role in budget negotiations. He said the lawmakers in his party should view the looming $2.3 billion budget deficit as an opportunity to take a stand.

"The party of Lincoln and Reagan — some of these people have forgotten their roots," Scarnati said. "This budget deficit we're in, this can be our shining moment. Taxing and spending are the Republican rally. We have to keep them under control.

"As we move forward through this process, let me tell you one thing: There will not be a broad-based tax increase coming out of anybody's pocket," said Scarnati, drawing applause at a GOP fundraiser.

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