Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let's Educate The Hazleton Area School Board

If any member of the Hazleton Area School Board had to apply for their job they would not get hired. They lack the proper credentials to run a school district, let alone one the size of Hazleton Area at $105 million. Let's discuss their ridiculous dress code. What you see above is called cotton spandex leggins. It is meant to be a "layered" piece as in worn with other clothing like this.

Girls are being called out on wearing this clothing. So let me get this straight. A girl wants to be modest about the dress she wears so she puts on leggins underneath. It earns her a trip to the office. Some of you older members remember tights. Tell me the fundamental difference.

Not only is the student sent to the office, the student must remain in the office NOT GETTING EDUCATED until, if or when, a new set of clothes arrives. In the Hazleton Area School District this situation only happens in some of the buildings. West Hazleton ignores the codes, Freeland ignores the code, and the High School ignores the code. If the child is lucky enough to end up in those institutions the child WILL GET EDUCATED.

The policy is not applied "uniform", pun intended, across all buildings in the district. Board Members, are you worried about looks or is educating the student more important? Do all of you wear collared shirts ALL the time? Quit your social experiment on inflicting ridiculous rules and get down to the duties and responsibilities of your elected office. If you want a uniform look go to uniforms. If not, abandon the policy. After graduation the children are going to express themselves in the manner they believe fits their personality. You are not going to prevent that from happening.

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