Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mericles Trying To Sell Home in Wilkes-Barre

An article that appears in today's Times Leader by Jennifer Learn-Andes discusses the sale of a residence owned by Robert Mericle and his wife, Kim. It appears they placed the Wilkes-Barre property on the market for $399,000 only months after he successfully argued the value was $235,200.

21st Century representative Tim Barr reviewed records Friday and said the value was reduced 38 percent, in large part, because Mericle argued at a September informal review that the house was built in 1974 and had no remodeling since.

Barr checked old assessor’s office property cards on Friday and said they indicate that Ciavarella built the home in 1981 and expanded it in 1991.

Mericle also maintained during the informal review that the basement was unfinished, Barr said. The property sales listing says the house has a 783-square-foot finished basement.

Barr reviewed the property sale listing at on Friday and said photographs clearly show the basement is finished.

Six to seven bedrooms are also noted in the sales listing, but the property owner only acknowledged five, Barr said. The sale listing says the property has five baths, but the owner indicated that there were three.

Some interesting discrepancies. No one is alleging any wrongdoings at this point.

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Anybody tied to this guy is toast