Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bush- Rendell Please Answer These Questions

The Democrats are getting a free ride in Pennsylvania. So much hullabaloo was made over George Bush's econony. Forget that the Democrats had control of Congress the last two years and the laws enacted in the 1990's under Clinton led to this mess.

The Post-Gazette tells us that Pennsylvania is $1.6 billion short on revenue estimates for the year. The article goes on to state Gov. Ed Rendell has previously forecast that the state will face about $2.3 billion in red ink by June 30, the end of fiscal 2008-09, and the new report seems in line with that projection. But some Republican legislators fear the deficit could be even worse than Mr. Rendell estimates, perhaps as much as $2.6 billion.

Where is the furor over what is happening in Pennsylvania? What is being done to bridge the gap?

Here's one move Rendell did to bridge the gap- transferring $175 million from legislative leaders' budget surplus. What the hell were the legislative leaders, not the entire legislature, doing with an $175 million dollar surplus????

That's our money folks. I think Eachus and McCall should explain it to commoners like us. To put this into perspective. I know of a company that does $100 million in revenue that employs almost 1,000 people. Do you realize how many people are not employed because the legislative leaders kept a surplus?

I know the argument back so save it because they wouldn't have used the money to save Pennsylvania employees' jobs if it weren't for the downturn. The real question to ask is if they would have used the money to create 1750 new jobs if there was no downturn. So much for the economic geniuses in Harrisburg.

Cut the legislature by 40% would save $100 million. Back to those 1000 jobs I was talking about. Imagine the pension savings that would occur. But the Harrisburg solution was to toll I-80. Take care of business in Harrisburg first before coming after the electorate. You may not like the consequence if you don't.

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