Sunday, April 12, 2009

When Will We See Our Full Time Legislators Earn Their Pay

Go to the Pennsylvania Democratic Appropriations Committee website. You will see the following:

Budget Crisis: click here for the latest information or to ask a question.

Welcome to the House Appropriations Committee (D)

Subcommittee Hearing Schedule
Please watch this space for future developments

Dwight Evans is chairman of the Democratic Committee on Appropriations. Mr. Evans, how can you cite a budget crisis but then state-"Please watch this space for future developments"? Shouldn't the schedule be full if you're working on it?

Folks it gets even better. Go to the Budget button and click on it. Then click on the link Budget Briefing: Fiscal Crisis - January 29, 2009. The page cannot be found. The same thing happens when you click on Forum on the Economy(Power Point Presentation). Dwight, pay attention.

Todd Eachus, when does Hazleton get some money?? Here is his latest press release. Exactly how much money from gaming have you earmarked for Hazleton? Time to stop playing partisan politics and time to prove your worth to the biggest voting base in your district. What serious money have you ever brought to Hazleton? You were elected to represent your district, not do Governor Rendell's bidding for him.

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