Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pennsylvania Property Tax Relief Not A Sure Bet

Rob Hopkins over at Keytone Politics wrote this commentary last month about property tax relief in Pennsylvania.

Next month, the state must certify whether the fund has enough money to provide property tax cuts. Gov. Ed Rendell's administration said that there will be money for tax cuts.

But with a month to go, the fund hasn't reached the threshold to ensure that homeowners receive tax cuts, according to the administration.

The account had a balance of $456 million as of March 16, according to the Governor's Office of the Budget. Under state law, the fund must contain at least $570 million for the state to distribute money to reduce homeowners' property taxes.

It's not clear what will happen if that threshold isn't met by April 15, the date of certification.

It would be easy for the legislature to pass a law redefining the target for property tax relief. But then again refer to my post where this legislature has yet to pass any law this year which was sent on to the Governor for a signature.

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