Friday, April 10, 2009

More Corruption Allegations In Luzerne County: Plains Township

It seems to some that the FBI has spawned an era of cleansing in Northeastern Pennsylvania. First it was the Luzerne County Courthouse, then it moved onto the Wilkes Barre School District, and now its Plains Township. According to Andy Mehalshick, lead I-Team investigator, Pennsylvania State Police are looking into allegations of use or misuse of taxpayer-funded equipment and township employees with particular focus on the Department of Public Works.

The township is now conducting an internal investigation. Steven Menn of Plains Township says, “As I understand it the board is going to do an internal investigation to find out what is going on. That information has to be looked into, and who’s making that complaint and what actual allegations are, I don't believe we have all the information of those involved or who is making the complaint."

One Township Commissioner, Ron Fillipini, stated he supported an independent investigation by an agency such as the State Police.

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Anonymous said...

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