Thursday, April 2, 2009

It May Be A Specter To Behold But Who Is Tim Be-Holden To?

The Lebanon Daily News reports that a large contributor for the last several years to the campaign committee of Congressman Tim Holden is under investigation by the FBI.

The FBI is investigating PMA Group, Holden’s biggest campaign contributor in the past several elections, for making unlawful contributions to members of Congress. Using the names of at least two people who do not work for the company but are associated with its founder, Paul Magliochetti, investigators believe PMA increased the amount of money it could legally funnel to politicians.

Since 2001, Holden has received $75,000 from PMA Group and its associates, according to CRP. Last year, his campaign received $23,750, which put him among the top congressional members receiving donations from the firm.

PMA clients have also benefited from Holden’s influence. Last year, he arranged an earmark of $3.2 million for Fidelity Technologies that was contained in a massive defense-appropriations bill.

Holden, whose 17th Congressional District includes Lebanon County, claims there is nothing inappropriate about the contributions he has received from PMA or his efforts on behalf of Fidelity Technologies. The company, which manufactures training simulators for the military, was once in Holden’s congressional district and now lies just a few blocks outside of it. Many of his constituents are Fidelity Technologies employees, and the contract secured their jobs, Holden said.

“I’ve been working with (Fidelity Technologies) since my third term in Congress,” Holden said. “This project was not just something that was dreamt up. It was brought before the Pentagon, which fully vetted it, and it has been a very useful tool for the military.

Nice try Tim, but wasn't that Cornerstone Technologies working on a project for the military? Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer, Timothy Geithner, Hilda Solis, Ron Kirk, and Kathleen Sebelius(who, by the way, replaced Tom Daschle as nominee after he withdrew)all owed back taxes. They were fully vetted, right? How can so many of President Obama's nominees owe back taxes?????? Who said only Republicans were rich?

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