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Mr. Eachus- Is It Really True That The Legislature Cannot Pass A Bill That Only Helps One Person or Municipality?

Over at Checking the Balance some political fodder is being served about Todd Eachus's comments that he can't get a bill passed that only helps one municipality. Well, Mr. Check, check on these which Todd Eachus voted for or were passed in Pennsylvania for just one reason.

House Bill 1868, sponsored by Rep. Martin R. Causer (R-Cameron/McKean/Potter), repeals an obsolete Act from 1850 that vested certain property in Barbara Griffith and Polly Conrad, incorporated the Delaware and Schuylkill plank road company, and is relative to market stalls in Philadelphia. The bill was approved in the House, 200-0, and passed the Senate, 46-0. It takes effect immediately.

House Bill 2587, sponsored by Rep. Merle H. Phillips (R-Northumberland/Snyder), authorizes the Department of General Services, with the approval of the PA Historical Museum Commission and the Governor, to convey to Milton Area School District certain land and a building (Sodom School) located thereupon, for consideration of $1. The bill passed the House, 195-0, and was approved in the Senate, 47-0. It takes effect immediately.

House Bill 2980, sponsored by Rep. Craig A. Dally (R-Northampton), amends the Local Health Administration Law such that a municipality under the Act shall include a township of the second class. It also provides that when a municipality is located within two or more counties, the governing body of the municipality may enter into an agreement to have a single-county department of health provide services to the entire municipality. The bill passed the House, 193-0, and was approved in the Senate, 46-0. It takes effect in 60 days.

Senate Bill 731 designates Bushkill Drive on State Route 2019 in Northampton County as the Victor W. Anckaitis Memorial Highway and a portion of State Route 2017 in Lehigh County as the Sgt. Ashly L. Moyer Memorial Road. The bill will take effect in 60 days.

Measures Grant Riparian Rights Along Delaware River

HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Governor Edward G. Rendell today signed House Bill 1621 and House Bill 1627 into law, and issued the following signing message:

"Today I am signing HB 1621 and HB 1627. These bills authorize the grant of riparian rights along the Delaware River in Philadelphia for two very
important residential developments that I am happy to see move forward.

Broadband Wireless Access World #15

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 30, 2004

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell signs "House Bill 30 (HB30)" into law, citing Verizon's "signed agreement" "to waive its right of first refusal in regard to Philadelphia’s proposed municipal Wi-Fi network guaranteeing that that particular project can proceed"

Under the terms of HB30, the City of Philadelphia would only have been able to proceed to implement such plans itself AFTER Verizon indicated it wasn't interested in doing so.

PA Governor Rendell Signs 47 Bills Into Law

House Bill 2313 appropriates $338.4 million to Penn State University.

House Bill 2314 appropriates $766,000 to the Fox Chase Institute for Cancer
Research in Philadelphia.

House Bill 2316 appropriates $211,000 to the Wistar Institute, Philadelphia,
for operation and maintenance expenses, and $91,000 for AIDS research.

House Bill 2317 appropriates $175.5 million for the operation of Temple
University and $442,000 to enhance its recruitment and retention of
disadvantaged students.

House Bill 2318 appropriates $128,000 to the Central Penn Oncology Group.

House Bill 2319 appropriates $58,000 to Lancaster Cleft Palate for
outpatient-inpatient treatment.

House Bill 2320 appropriates $14.5 million to Lincoln University.

House Bill 2321 appropriates $413,000 to the Burn Foundation, Philadelphia.

House Bill 2322 appropriates $957,000 to the Children's Institute, Pittsburgh.

House Bill 2323 appropriates $6.9 million to Drexel University.

House Bill 2324 appropriates $445,000 to the Children's Hospital of

House Bill 2325 appropriates $104,000 to Beacon Lodge Camp.

House Bill 2326 appropriates $46.4 million to the University of Pennsylvania.

House Bill 2327 appropriates $502,000 to the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

House Bill 2328 appropriates $6.6 million to the Philadelphia Health and
Education Corp. for its colleges of medicine, public health, nursing and
health professions and for the continuation of pediatric services.

House Bill 2329 appropriates $759,000 to the Franklin Institute Science

House Bill 2330 appropriates $465,000 to the Academy of Natural Sciences.

House Bill 2331 appropriates $4.9 million to Thomas Jefferson University,

House Bill 2332 appropriates $354,000 to the African-American Museum,

House Bill 2333 appropriates $45,000 to the Everhart Museum, Scranton.

House Bill 2334 appropriates $6.5 million to the Philadelphia College of
Osteopathic Medicine.

House Bill 2335 appropriates $193,000 to the Mercer Museum, Doylestown.

House Bill 2336 appropriates $139,000 to Whitaker Center for Science and the
Arts, Harrisburg.

House Bill 2337 appropriates $1.7 million to the Pennsylvania College of
Optometry, Philadelphia.

House Bill 2338 appropriates $1.2 million to the University of the Arts,

House Bill 2340 appropriates $192,000 to the Johnson Technical Institute of

House Bill 2341 appropriates $70,000 to the Williamson Free School of
Mechanical Trades, Delaware County.

House Bill 2342 appropriates $1.8 million to the Lake Erie College of
Osteopathic Medicine.

House Bill 1691 allows the departments of Conservation and Natural Resources,
Transportation, Environmental Protection and the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, acting for and in the name of the commonwealth, to obtain authorization to agree to hold and save the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers free from all damages arising from the construction, operation and maintenance of the Delaware River main channel deepening project. The hold harmless provision would apply to certain liability issues. However, all permit and regulatory requirements still apply to all projects. The Delaware River project involves deepening the body of water to 45 feet.

Senate Bill 917 authorizes and directs DGS to grant and convey five acres in Cambria Township, Cambria County, to CDM Ebensburg LLC for approximately $675,000. A May 6, 2006, appraisal determined the property’s market value to be $650,000.

Does there seem to be a pattern? It is Todd Eachus who wants us to believe otherwise.

His issue with the Mayor have made the rest of us hostage to his political posturing. He was elected to serve us from the bottom up, not the top down.

No money for our Intermodel project but $250 million dollars for now admitted criminal Bob Powell. Hazleton citizens should not be suffering at the hands of Eachus or Kanjorski because they feel the have the power to do it.

Our forefathers would be hotter than a cauldron in a steel factory if they saw how politicians turned this nation into one that isn't for the people, by the people, or of the people but one where a congressman or senator says "How dare you talk to me like that" or "I'll bury you. I'll destroy you?"

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