Monday, July 13, 2009

Powell's Airplane

Let's discuss Robert Powell and the forfeiture of his interest in his jet and boat. I believe most readers didn't catch the operative words "his interest." The 1980 Saberliner owned by 40 Degrees North, LLC was not Bob Powell's jet. It belonged to the limited liability corporation who had at least three owners- Powell, Zappala, and Marsicano.

The plane was moved from Hazleton and is located in Green, South Carolina. It appears to be for sale, well I guess that depends on what day it is. I used a caching feature of the net to find this information.

Here is a description of the interior:

Accessories: Gold-plated fixtures

Air Conditioning: Freon

Cabinetry: Light mahogany woodwork

Carpet: Beige carpeting w/light maroon & green accents

Entertainment Equipment: 8-place wireless entertainment headsets, cabin speakers, dual CD/DVD players w/remote controls, dual integrated video screens

General: Interior is in excellent condition as reported 07/14/08

Headliner: Cream seashell headliner

Lavatory: Flushing potty

Seating: Bucksin leather seating, mid-cabin club, 3-place couch, aft belted lav seat

Sidewalls: Light gray & burgundy sidepanels

Mr. Eachus is it true that you flew in this jet? If so did you report the flights on your campaign filings or your Statements of Financial Interest?


Anonymous said...

Being left off way too easy must have a hell of alot to talk about

Anonymous said...

Mr. Eachus he was not tied up with these crooks was he LoL

Anonymous said...

its really nice thought thanks for sharing with us

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