Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can Pennsylvanians Afford More Democratic Control?

The latest proposal to raise the state personal income tax from its present level of 3.07% to 3.57% should have Pennsylvania citizens up in arms. Don't be fooled into believing our state government NEEDS to be the size it is. Our elected officials WANT it to be the size it is.

In this article written by Robert Swift for the Scranton Times he charts the rise in Pennsylvania's income tax rate since 1971.

Fluctuations in the state personal income tax rate since 1971.

2004-present 3.07%

1993 2.8 percent

1992 2.95 percent

1991 2.6 percent

1987 2.1 percent

1984 2.4 percent

1978 2.2 percent

1971 2.3 percent

In my previous post I talked about Governor Thornburgh having the highest amount of people on the PACE program. Democrat Robert P. Casey was Governor from 1987 to 1995. Look at the increases that happened during his term. Along comes Democrat Ed Rendell in 2002 and look at the next increase in the income tax rate. Todd Eachus who was elected in 1996 and Ed Rendell support another increase to 3.57%. A seventy percent jump in the income tax rate is totally unacceptable.

Ed Rendell hired 110 people during his announced hiring freeze. He should be held accountable for that action in this economic crisis that Todd Eachus called the largest State deficit since the Great Depression.

If this story was about George Bush people would be calling for his resignation. But somehow in Pennsylvania what Democrats do is accepted as par for the course. With the mess in Luzerne County continuing to develop under Democratic Control when is the "revolution" going to occur to rid our midst of Democrats who believe absolute power means absolute control. It is time the voters exercised their right as the fourth branch of government to reign in the stinkin thinkin that is pickin our pockets.

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