Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Will Dare This Story

Sotamayor may feel that her upbringing and environment shaped her outlook on life but I think she misses the mark. Who she is as a person, her personality, how she lived life from her perspective shaped who she is. What she says comes from her, not her life's experiences. Who she is comes from her inner self not her life's experiences. She was born her, not shaped to be her.

That is how I feel. Barack Obama is half white. Henry Louis Gates,Jr. traces his heritage back to white roots. So why do they put their African-American heritage above being just American? Is it due to their life's experiences or just them being them? Do they want to be black when it is convenient or black because it serves an agenda? Being human means just that, being human. There is no color to human; there is only life. Do we want to help the plight of others or do we only want to help persons of color? If we only helping persons of color does that mean we are reverse discriminating?

Barack Obama, you are an American. Not black, not white, not African-American, but an American. You represent the United States of America. I don't see any color in that title, only honor. Start emulating the role. Forget the rhetoric. Leave that for Al Sharpton. As Commander in Chief you have an obligation to stand with the troops, not the indignitaries whom you have extended an apology to. Never apologize for an American death. Never apologize for an American injury. When Mom and Dad watch their child represent the United States on the battlefield, understand the sacrifice made to uphold our liberties.

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