Monday, July 6, 2009

What Does Todd Eachus Really Know About Bonsugate?


In addition to his legislative leadership roles, Todd also provides political leadership for Pennsylvania Democrats. In 2006 Todd’s campaign strategies and dedication to help incumbent members and first-time candidates led directly to House Democrats retaking the Majority for the first time since 1994

In 2007, Todd expanded his leadership with the House Democratic Campaign Committee and served as chairman, thus helping to coordinate all Democratic House political activities. In 2008, Todd led the effort to expand the Democratic majority by a crucial two seats, setting the stage for the election fo the first Democratic Speaker of the House since 1994.


'Bonusgate' timeline
Friday, July 11, 2008



Democrats take control of the state House for the first time in 12 years. The Patriot-News, responding to tips from House Democratic employees, reports on a secret bonus program for caucus employees. Tipsters alleged that the bonuses were tied to work on 2006 political campaigns. Within a week, all four caucuses disclose similar bonuses exceeding $3.6 million in 2005-06.


State Attorney General Tom Corbett says his office will investigate allegations that the staff bonuses were tied to campaign work.


After months of meetings with caucus officials on their bonus policies, staff interviews and other work, Corbett's investigators raid the House Democrats' Legislative Research Office, responding to a tip that materials relevant to the probe were about to be destroyed.


The first subpoenas go out to Democratic staffers, requiring their appearance before the grand jury. Caucus attorneys seek to block the subpoenas, but are foiled by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. October

Corbett's office issues subpoenas for records of the House Republican Caucus. November The Democratic caucus forces the resignations of or fires seven senior staffers as it turns over a new information to Corbett's agents. House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese said the information uncovered made their continued employment "untenable." December

DeWeese makes a tour of Pennsylvania newspapers, making the case that the caucus's problems were tied to actions of the fired staffers and former Democratic Whip Mike Veon, D- Beaver County. He said he had no knowledge of bonuses for campaign work.

Leaked e-mails implicate Veon and several staffers in tying bonuses to campaign work.



Senate Republican leaders issue a statement confirming that Corbett's office has subpoenaed records from them. The news, along with follow- up requests of the House Republicans, fails to quench criticism in some circles that Corbett, a Republican, has staged the probe to hit Democrats first....

From Attorney General Tom Corbett's website:

2006 Bonuses

The election year of 2006 would prove to be the largest effort yet undertaken as part of the incentive scheme. Eric Webb testified that in 2006 the pay raise vote had "changed the whole map." He testified that there were many "more seats in play" requiring more volunteers to do everything from opposition research to campaign work in the field. It was also a unique year because both caucus leaders, Veon and DeWeese, had serious challengers. As a result of these factors, the campaign efforts started in earnest very early in the year.

Whether measured by the effort expended in tracking the campaign work of caucus employees, the number of bonus recipients or the dollar amounts expended on bonuses, 2006 far exceeded the prior years.

It was Eachus's strategies that led to House Democrats retaking the majority by his own admission. Hmmmm..oddly interesting.


Anonymous said...

This is the untold story. Wasn't Veon with Eachus the night of the Leadership elections helping Eachus count his House Majority votes? Didn't Eachus - without telling his fellow members - pay off tens of thousands of dollars of Veon's campaign debt? Wasn't Eachus closer to Veon than DeWeese ever was? Isn't Eachus spending tens of thousands - maybe millions - of taxpayer money to dig up dirt on fellow members to aid Veon's defense? And what's Eachus relationship to convicted fraudster Brett Cott? You're on to something important here. Let's hear more!

Anonymous said...

What we the citizens need to know is why Todd Eachus hired Senator Fumo’s old Law Firm to investigate the Democratic Caucus when DeWeese already did that with an Independent Investigator in Chadwick, not former Fumo connected Law Firm?

Todd Eachus by paying Senator Fumo former Law Firm has made terrible public relations decisions just as he did when Eachus paid off Veon’s Campaign Debts from House Democratic Funds.

I read that Eachus did this on his own without permission of any Democratic House member. How does that square with today's news?

Now I realize Fumo’s Old Law Firm lost its rainmaker in senator Fumo being convicted by the Feds but did they just replace another one with the hiring of Dilworth Paxson’s Chris Casey to investigate this mess again?

This is the kind of stuff that unravels quickly after media, newspapers, and operation research professional start to build on the ashes of disgraced politicians and their cohorts. I can see the Republicans gearing up on Eachus's actions to win back the House.

When a Federal Court accounts for Fumo’s misuse and abuse of tax dollars and then showing how he was paid to bring in clients into a law firm, is it wise to hire that law firm again without asking questions how they benefited so long under Fumo and now continue to benefit under Chris Casey?

More questions need to asked now of Fumo’s old Law Firm and Eachus’s connections to Veon as he runs away from him today.

Anonymous said...

Wow, now Eachus is taking on Veon and calling for Privilege to prevent him from testifying?

Here is a solution, have Dilworth Paxson pay the fines, bonus money back to the people, after all did not Senator Fumo make it rain for them before he was convicted.

On the other hand, do they have the cover of umbrellas when it rains and now making more money when hired by Todd Eachus to protect him from Bonusgate.

Convicted felon Senator Fumo worked for them and Todd Eachus hired them, and no one is looking into that at all?

No one is saying they ever did anything wrong, but it sounds strange no one is looking into what Fumo brought to them from the senate, and what they are doing now for the House.