Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get The Facts About Eachus and Hazleton's Cargo Airport

Mr. Eachus, you should be very familiar with the image above. It is a scan of of the DVD handed out the day of the Hazleton Cargo Airport announcement in 2007. The seal at the top states "Seal Of The House Of Representatives Of Pennsylvania". It is a promo video for the fantasy airport project.

On the label it states it came from the Legislative Communications Office G18 Irvis Office Building Harrisburg PA 17120 Ph (717) 787-7895. Obviously it was paid for with taxpayers money. Did you authorize the making of this video? How much did the taxpayers of Pennsylvania pay to produce and distribute this video? How much in donations did you receive from Robert Powell and associates of his law firm? Did that money influence the use of taxpayers money for the making and distribution of the video?

Mr. Eachus, what about the Green Mountain water project for the airport. Is it true that CanDo had a grant for that project to improve supply at Humboldt but people wanted the grant diverted and used for the airport.

In fact, Eachus said, it’s conceivable Green Mountain water could supply the nearby Humboldt Industrial Park North. A Coca-Cola plant is slated to move there, but CAN DO, which operates its own water supplier, is not able to supply its needs.

Eachus said that while the final decision would be up to airport developer Gladstone Properties LP, he could envision a treatment plant supplying the firm’s water needs.

Mr Eachus, who was supposed to be a partner in that treatment plant?

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Anything on rendell going down should be interesting reading