Thursday, November 13, 2008

Voting Irregularities? You Decide

According to a National Campaign for Fair Elections publication they have the following to say about persons who come to the polling booth but are unable to read or write the language:

"Any voter requiring assistance at the polls for any of these reasons must have a declaration recorded upon her/his registration card that, by reason of blindness, disability, or inability to read or write, s/he is unable to read the names on the ballot or on the voting machine labels, or that s/he has a physical disability that renders him/her unable to see or mark the ballot or operate the voting machine, or to enter the voting compartment or voting machine booth without assistance. The exact nature of the voter’s condition must be recorded on the registration card. The voter will only be allowed to receive assistance if the election officers are satisfied that she/he still suffers from the same condition. A voter who is entitled to receive assistance under these provisions will be permitted to select a person of the voter’s choice (except the judge of elections, the voter’s employer or an agent of the employer, or an officer or agent of the voter’s union) to enter the voting compartment or voting machine booth with him/her to assist him/her in voting."

There are widespread reports that people were offering assistance in the voting booth throughout Luzerne County without having the proper documentation. Judges of Elections were not requiring a Declaration of Assistance card to be on file or filled out at the time of signing in to vote even after notification of the requirement. What did you notice in your polling place?


Gort said...

"widespread reports"

Please give us the details.

McGruff said...

There were letters sent to the campaign and Lou Dobbs. There were phone calls.

1. Assistance was provided to voters were no Declaration of Assistance card was on file. Obama attorneys told people at the polls that a Declaration only applied if a person was physically disabled. NOT TRUE. Unable to read or write the ballot needs a Declaration filled out.

2. No Declaration of Assistance card was filled out at the voters booth but assistance was provided by people standing inside the polling place.

3. Did you ever hear of a Zipcar? It is used by the hour. At a Pocono polling place 5 males exited one with NY license plates voted and left.

4. A male presented himself to a polling place in Hazleton with a collection notice as proof. His name was not on the book. He left and went to St. Gabriels polling place and voted.

5. The Election Bureau chief for Luzerne County does not know how many people registered for assistance. If you don't know how many registered how do you know how much assistance you need to provide to a poll?

6. Lackawanna County. Who verified that the scanners properly pick up whether a straight Dem vote that includes a vote for Lou will properly register?

7. Voters provided assistance were observed by others that the person assisting touched the voting machine.

McGruff said...

8. More than one report on the payment of $20.00 to persons in need to get them out to vote.