Monday, November 3, 2008

Lou Barletta Represents The Gentle Wind of Change

Nothing I am going to write today will influence any voter at this point. I believe the mission now is to convince the people that their vote does matter.

Thomas Friedman over at the New York Times opined this column with the following words.

"Since the last debate, John McCain and Barack Obama have unveiled broad ideas about how to restore the nation’s financial health. But they continue to suggest that this will be largely pain-free. McCain says giving everyone a tax cut will save the day; Obama tells us only the rich will have to pay to help us out of this hole. Neither is true."

"We are all going to have to pay, because this meltdown comes in the context of what has been “perhaps the greatest wealth transfer since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917,” says Michael Mandelbaum, author of “Democracy’s Good Name.” “It is not a wealth transfer from rich to poor that the Bush administration will be remembered for. It is a wealth transfer from the future to the present.”

"We wasted a huge amount of time pretending that we could punish Wall Street without punishing Main Street — when, in fact, they are intricately intertwined."

In the end it doesn't matter whether you believe that greedy people from Wall Street are at the nexus of the financial crisis. There are plenty people to blame including every day people. Learning fiscal responsiblity is more important than espousing we need it. The road to recovery will be a long one regardless of what ANY politician t(s)ells you.

Ralph Nader said it right about this bailout. “There are no bailouts for the working people of this country!" We will fund this bailout; Congress and the President pledged it.

“Oh yeah, it’s got everything,” Mr. Nader said in an interview after the rally. “Taxation without representation, no public hearings. This is the worst yet, procedurally and substantively.”

According to Tom Freidman "We are all going to be paying the government more and getting less until we grow out of this hole."

When you go to the polls tomorrow please realize we need leaders in Washington. They are so desparately lacking. Washington has lost its way and we need to remind them of that fact. They have their own culture and their own rules. If we send the same people there we can only get the same results.

Whether the issue that inspires your passion is the economy, healthcare, finances, student loans, or mortgages one thing is for certain. Those in Washington brought us to the brink of these disasters. They would be the last persons I would "hire" if I were an employer to help my company(country) out of this mess.

If you are a passionate Democrat and believe its the Republicans' fault I feel you are wrong. If you are a passionate Repbulican and believe its the Democrats' fault you are equally wrong. It is our fault as voters for letting Washington drift out to sea and not reeling them back in.

The long road ahead should not come without consequences. WE NEED TO SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE. We need people to hold us together as we try to recover, not the people who sent us to the emergency room in the first place. We need leaders who can inspire us once again to stand behind America, not rip its fabric apart. Keeping us separated is what our enemies want. Don't be so disillusioned that our enemies are not within our borders for they are. After the election it is not time to hear what's wrong with our country, it is time to hear what we are going to do about it. The road will be a collaborative one.

When a person needs help it is a lone voice that alerts us and sets the wheels in motion. It is our lone voice that tells our children why they can or can't do something. Have you ever gone to a concert where the lone voice starts the chorus? Don't be afraid of a lone voice. The lone voice starts the gentle wind of change. Once it starts everything will fall into place. It was one lone voice that talked about illegal immigration. That voice is now known nationally.

VOTE FOR LOU BARLETTA FOR CONGRESS! "I believe the United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth."- Lou Barletta, 2008

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