Sunday, November 23, 2008

PEBO Back Peddling On Bush's Tax Cuts

PEBO(President-elect Barack Obama) and Company have sent signals that the Bush tax cuts which were part of his election theme will expire in 2011, the exact time George Bush said they would. In a previous piece I talked about the wealth among the Democrats in the House and the Senate. I knew he would never be able to deliver on that promise.

It is reported on "But, the adviser says, the overall debate is NOT about whether President-elect Obama will "restore fairness in our tax code" -- just about "whether it happens in the year after next or the year after that."

Mr. President-Elect, the tax code if printed and stacked would be the height of seven bibles laid one on top of each other. Restore fairness?? You have got to be kidding me. If you truly want to restore fairness repeal every law that was enacted as a special tax treatment for every individual and corporation. If you want to sell the public that taxing the wealthy is restoring fairness you are earning the reputation of being a socialist as discussed in the article.

Let's hear from Michelle on the topic of pie.

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