Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Overstating Barack Obama's Win

2004 Election Results

George W. Bush Republican Home State Texas
Running Mate Dick Cheney
Electoral Vote 286 States Carried 31
Popular vote 62,040,610
Percentage 50.7%

John Kerry Democrat Home State Massachusetts
Running Mate John Edwards
Electoral Vote 251 States Carried 19+DC
Popular Vote 59,028,444
Percentage 48.3%

2008 Election Results

John McCain Republican Home State Arizona
Running Mare Sarah Palin
Electoral Vote 162 States Carried 21
Popluar Vote 58,018,321
Percentage 46.2%

Barack Obama Democrat Home State Illinois
Running Mate Joseph Biden
Electoral Vote 365(Projected) States Carried 28+DC+NE-02
Popluar Vote 66,354,771
Percentage 52.7%

The country is so gleeful over Barack's win but where is the big mandate. Just seems like a flip flop to me. You can view more results on the CNN website or Wikipedia. George Bush carried more states in his win of 2004 than Barack Obama did in 2008. Can't wait for the Euphoria dust to settle.

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