Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Republicans Turn In The Bonusgate Pit

In an email exchange I had with a fellow blogger I told him that I believe in fair and balanced reporting. Due to my volunteer work on the Barletta campaign I focused on the Democrats. Today it is the Republicans turn to face my research. I am a Republican who believes the only way we are going to change the party image is by cleaning it up for starters. In a Fox43 report new allegations surfaced that the PA House Republican leaders used a $9 million database paid for with Pennsylvania taxpayer's dollars for campaign purposes.

These "leaders" are either blind or stupid. They have a Republican Attorney General who arrests and convicts former House Member Jeff Habay, one of their own, in 2005 for basically the same crime.

"Corbett said the investigation, prosecution, conviction and prison sentence of former Republican Representative Jeff Habay in 2004 and 2005 by the Attorney General's Office for using his legislative staff for campaign and fundraising purposes should have put legislative leaders and their staffs on notice that the Attorney General's office and the courts take a stern view of such illegal activity."

Harrisburg, wake up. You were put on notice yet the arrogance continues.


Zen said...

Our party is going to have to do a lot to ever come to power again.

for starters, we need to return to fiscal responsibility as our main platform. people are sick of hearing from the ultra religious right and we should definitely turn that to a moderate tone.

Gort said...


I like fair and balanced.