Friday, November 7, 2008

Pennsylvania Democrats Receive a "C" Grade

According to a November 3, 2008 article in the Northeast Pennsylvania Busniess Journal no matter what way you cut it Pennsylvania gets a "C".

[Pennsylvania is a "C" state for economic growth and competitiveness. University researchers working for the Pennsylvania Business Council found the Keystone State's business climate is - on the whole - "average" across more than 200 competitiveness variables included among eight different and independent reviews that ranked states against one another.

Pennsylvania's "average" grade represents outside opinion of the state's strengths and weaknesses.

Murry S. Gerber, chair and CEO of Pittsburgh-based Equitable Resources and chair of the Pennsylvania Business Council (PBC), said "Earning a 'C' is unacceptable for the sixth most populous state in the nation. Pennsylvania has the resources necessary - access to the Atlantic Ocean, 'keystone' position along the East Coast, major cities, good schools, and historically productive farmland - to be considered better than average."

"Anyway we sliced the data, we're a 'C' state," said David W. Patti, PBC president and CEO. "One college student involved in the research said, 'My parents wouldn't be happy with grades like this.'"

I would like to congratulate Ed Rendell, Todd Eachus, and all those who TELL us the great job they are doing. The Democrats blamed George Bush for the national conditions because he was President. Its your turn in the pit Ed Rendell.

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