Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did Joe Biden Understand Change You Can Believe In

In an article that appeared on ABCNews.Go.Com it appears that Joe Biden subscribes to the philosophy of politics as usual. Barack Obama has resigned his Senate seat. Joe Biden has yet to follow suit.

The outgoing Governor of Delaware is a Democrat but so is the incoming leader. So what's the big deal. It appears Biden is jockeying for position so his son, Beau Biden, eventually will mount that seat. Since when are Senate seats of the government of the United States of American legacy seats? Why do we tolerate legacy in a democracy?

"A similar maneuver was used to keep John F. Kennedy’s Senate seat in the family, and 48 years later, Ted Kennedy is still representing Massachusetts in the Senate.

But the timing of installing a Biden replacement could harm Delawareans: The newly elected senators will take office Jan. 3, and all will have seniority over Biden’s replacement if Biden stays in office beyond then."

Obama was an empty suit with empty promises. Anybody and anything that has to do with the Clintons are lining up and getting appointments. As the article states it's change Washington can believe in, not Change We Can Believe In.

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