Monday, March 25, 2013

Jack Mundie Ignores The Public During Council Meetings

This picture was taken at the last Hazleton City Council meeting.  Hazleton City Council meetings are the opportunity for council to conduct its business and listen to complaints from the public.  Evidently Jack Mundie doesn't feel either is important enough nor part of his duty as a councilman.

This incident isn't the first time that Mr. Mundie ignored matters at hand during a City Council meeting.  Reporter Sam Galski filed this report February 25, 2012. 

More recently, Ammon sat in the audience at a city council meeting and was observed by some exchanging text messages with Mundie as the councilman, from council's table at the front of the room, inquired about Shoepe's standing on the authority board.

Take a look at this slide. 

From 2004-2008 expenses exceeded revenue by almost $1 million dollars.  Mr. Mundie is the only current council member who held office during that period.  If he paid attention he could have prevented this problem, or at least corrected it. Instead he sat idly by until while the debt mushroomed to the point it was necessary for the City to borrow $5.6 million dollars to correct the deficit spending as reported May 25, 2011 in the Hazleton Standard Speaker. 

Some have to wonder did Mr. Mundie bury his head in the sand while taxpayers suffered from the additonal financial burden.  Obviously Mr. Mundie has no solutions.

As a result of Mayor Yannuzzi's $5.6 million dollard borrowing plan it was unnecessary for the City to take out a tax anticipation note in 2013 saving the City about $30,000 in interest and borrowing costs as outlined by Acting City Administrator Steve Hahn in this Standard Speaker article.  It should be noted that Councilman Jack Mundie voted "NO" on the financing deal. 

Some taxpayers are left asking this question of Mr. Mundie-


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