Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama and Healthcare- Can We Afford Him?

Don't let your guard down with the Obama administration. They will get you when you're not looking.

Roll the tape back to the last election and promises. Remember when Obama stated he was going to let the George Bush tax cuts expire. Here's an articlethat talked about his promise and actions that he was about to take.

The obvious conclusion would be that we were paying less under George Bush than we would be under Obama. Look at this chart about the Federal Budget from 2004-2009. The first line item is individual income taxes. There isn't one year where actual or expected receipts were anticipated to go down. Some tax break, Obama.

If you are a proponent of the single payer system look at the line item, Medicare. From 2004 to 2009 expenditures are anticipated to rise by an astounding 60%. You will hear how Medicare's adminstrative rate is around 3% when private plans average close to 30%. However, when you look at the increase in expenditures in the Medicare program, how can the government convince its citizens that their healthcare proposal will save money?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is It Time For Todd Eachus To Resign???

Editorial published in the Hazleton Standard Speaker, Citizen's Voice, Republican Herald Pottsville, News Item Shamokin, Sunday Review Towand.

It is a stinging indictment of the legislators in Harrisburg, but particularly pointed at the lack of leadership including House Majority Leader Todd Eachus. His dismal failure at his first crack at majority leader demonstrates what everyone has known all along. Just like Obama you can buy Eachus on QVC, well not literally, but he is a canned package and presentation. The record shows that what he says is not what he really is or does. He has the public hoodwinked about PACE and I blame the mainstream media for not doing its investigative obligation.

Eachus demonstrated his inability to work with others in promoting collaborative cooperation in an effective manner. When his interests directly conflict with the interest of others he is not interested in creating win-win situations. He believes in the zero sum world where the gains for him are only obtained at a cost to others. Instead he should be looking to bridge disparate interests. Issues on the table are as important as issues off the table. His bias promotes competition and stifles cooperation.

Lou Barletta has been Mayor of Hazleton for 8 of the 12 years Eachus has been a House Representative. His disdain for Lou Barletta has cost Hazleton residents in money and growth. He has failed to get the biggest city in his district its fair share of state funding due to his ongoing blatant efforts to tarnish the Mayor. I challenge him to list the accomplishments he brought to the City of Hazleton.

Todd Eachus can face serious competition for being guilty of the same transgressions Frank Harrison committed in the 11th Congressional district that allowed Paul Kanjorski to win the seat from him. He is ignoring the biggest Democratic base in his district. Being drunk with power has not allowed him to sober enough to see the light, maybe one too many political science courses at Pitzer College.

His blind rage has stifled cooperation. He carried that same attitude to the office of House Majority Leader. He may blame Lou Barletta but if the same thing is happening in Harrisburg there is one common denominator, Eachus.

Over the course of the eight-week state budget impasse, lawmakers have succeeded only in converting a political failure into a moral failure. The crisis is not just financial in nature. It is a colossal failure of governanceIt is apparent that Pennsylvania suffers not just a budget deficit, but an even more damaging leadership deficit.

Pennsylvania's most vulnerable citizens have begun to pay the price for their government's inability to carry out its most fundamental task.

And, for all of state politicians' mewling about their fidelity to taxpayers, their failure to adopt a state budget already has begun to adversely affect those taxpayers at the local level. Several Pennsylvania school districts already have arranged for loans to cover the state government's failure to provide the first two state subsidy payments of the new fiscal year. The cost of that borrowing will be added to local school budgets. So far, school districts statewide have been denied about $1.2 billion in anticipated state subsidies.

Vulnerable citizens harmed

Social service agencies, the safety net that ensures quality of life and, in some cases, life itself for the poor, the very young and the very old, have begun to suspend services. Thousands of vulnerable citizens have nowhere else to turn.

Lawmakers continue to collect their pay, however, with a few notable exceptions. Rep. Kevin Murphy of Lackawanna County, for example, has declined to accept his pay until a budget is adopted.

Pennsylvania's government faces the same economic crisis as every other state government. But 48 of those other state governments have managed to pass a budget, despite a wide array of related problems. Even California, with one of the worst state budget deficits in American history, has a budget. So does New York, even as the legislature in Albany wrangles with a crippling in-house political crisis. Only Connecticut and Pennsylvania are without budgets.

Time for leadership

Many proposals are available to shape a budget compromise. It's long past time not only for a budget but for leadership. The governor's budget proposals are clear, as are the Senate's, along with those of both caucuses in the House. There is, alas, no apparent authority for the Legislature to be forced to remain in continuous session until it emerges with a budget. But that does not preclude lawmakers from sequestering themselves - or at least sequestering the legislative caucus leaders - basically locking the Capitol door until they emerge with a balanced budget. They should do so as public penance for their moral failure, but more important, to end the suffering that they have imposed on their fellow citizens through fruitless political posturing.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Obama and the Wars

August was the deadliest month in Afghanistan for our U.S. military people since the start of the invasion. Where are the George Bush haters today? Soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan but you don't hear the daily bashing of Obama that occured during Bush's term. Kevin Lynn, where are you today. Afraid to speak out for fear you might seem right? (pun intended)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eachus's Fundraising Event- State Resource Style

In the continuing series about Legislator X- Todd Eachus more will be journal chronicled regarding emails back and forth utitlizing state resources on obvious state time. The interesting part that you, as the reader don't see, is the last three posts including this one are from one attachment, Attachment 14, as part of Mike Veon's filing, Motion for Dismissal- Selective Prosecution. The amount of material just dealing with Todd Eachus is almost 200 pages, hardly what I would call a cursory involvement.

From: Madison, Erin
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 12:17PM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Emails

See attached!

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007

Crisci Associates- 204 State Street, Harrisburg PA
Private Reception ($1000): 5:30p.m.- 6:30 p.m.
General Reception ($500): 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Erin Madison
Office of Representative Todd Eachus

From: ERic Buxton [mailto: eric@......]
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2007 11:24 AM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re: FW: Emails

Yeah man. Let me load up the mailing list software we have for members and I'll load the list. Can you give me about an hour?

Jones, John Paul wrote:


Is there an easy and quick way to upload these email addresses into an email list that i can use the send a reminder about todd's f/r event? Need to send today, so please advise asap if i need to start entering these manually.



Todd is not going to like this one.

From: Eric Buxton [mailto: eric@.....]
Sent: Monday, January 29,2007 2:10PM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:FW: Emails

We're ready. Sorry it took longer than an hour, our network has been dropping all day.

go to:

(won't publish those)

You have two lists (Site Subscribers and Feb 6 Event)
The data you sent me has been loaded in the Feb 6 event list. Just do a compose message, plug in your infor, choose the template(optiona) and follow the steps to finalize

Call me at (phone number) if you want to walk through it.

Jones, John Paul wrote:

that works...thanks a bunch

From: Eric Buxton [mailto: eric@.....]
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 11:51AM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:FW: FW: Emails

so you want me to use the same data, just ad/remove the emails below?

Jones, John Paul wrote:


Need to send a final reminder mass email...but need some changes...Can you please make a second Feb 6th it Feb 6 Event#2 and make the following additions/subtractions:

Vicki DiLeo-
Jon Price-
Bruce Hironimus- (corporate email address)
Michele Borlinghaus-

Sara Haggerty
Gene Veno
Dennis Troy
Tom DeWall
Ted Mowatt
Frank Buzydlowski
Derenda Updegrave
David Kerr

(Subtractions: All with corporate emails that I will not publish)

From: "jones, John Paul" [mailto:]
To: Eric Buxton
Sent: 2007, 02.06 Tue, 11:39:01
Subject: RE: FW: FW: Emails


Can you also setup a separate backend list for people who sign up to volunteer?

"This is a fresh change in the Democratic leadership. We need to be more open and transparent ... we also need to be the guardians of the people's resources," Eachus said.
EACHUS GEARS UP FOR NEW DUTIES Thursday, November 20, 2008 Section: NEWS

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amazing How Much State Workers Time Spent On Campaigns

It is amazing the amount of time documented in AG Corbett's Bonusgate investigation that Pennsylvania legislative employees spent on campagin work. AG Corbett once stated "It would shock the conscience" and he wasn't far off.

While I can understand Michael Veon's position that the investigation appears partisan and selective the reality is that there is a very active investigation continuing. If one choses the endpoint as today Veon would appear to be correct but the truth is that the endpoint is not today. Unfortunately like a tournament his "team" made it to the plate first so "elimination" occured early in the round.

There is a part of me that likes this guy but can't explain it. Yes, he may have gone astray but, in truth, after reviewing his documentation for Motion For Dismissal-Selective Prosecution in person, AG Corbett would have to arrest a significant percentage of the legislature and its employees for the same actions.

Veon should take a lesson from the Judge Eugene Kosik. Unless he really believes he will prevail against the charges against him the law of self preservation should set in. He needs to show remorse and take responsibility for his own actions. In time each participant will meet their fate and have the opportunity to do the same.

It is time to resume the journalistic chronicle of the public record with regards to actions by Todd Eachus and staffers under his direction that appear to speak for themselves and the Bonusgate affair. Keep in mind that previous posts were from January. These start in May so the record indicates that at no time were these actions addressed as wrong.

From: Eric Buxton [mailto: govercom email address]
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 2:32 PM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:

sure manm, let me know what time

Jones, John Paul wrote:

can we meet on Friday to go over hdcc website...I have some text changes, etc.

John Jones
Rep. Todd Eachus

From: Eric Buxton [mailto: govercom email address]
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 5:21 PM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:


Jones, John Paul wrote:

11 Am

From: Eric Buxton [mailto: govercom email address]
Sent: Tue, May 15 13:30:53 2007
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:

does todd smoke cigars?

Jones, John Paul wrote:

todd's office

From: "Jones, John Paul" [mailto:]
To: ERic@......
Sent: 2007, 05.15 Tue, 13:43:07
Subject: Re:



Well, at least we know Mr. Eachus enjoys a fine cigar with its character and flavor. Ohhh yes there were a bunch of characters in this mess.

-----Original Message-----
From: Myers, Melissa
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 1:00PM
To: Jones, John Paul

Melissa Myers
Research Analyst
House Majority Policy Committee
Rep. Todd Eachus, Chairman

From: "Jones, John Paul" [mailto:]
To: Eric Buxton
Sent: 2007, 05.18 Fri, 13:00:29
Subject: Fw:


(By me- a .tif file with Eachus's name on it)


Attached is todd's signature

If you have been following carefully you will remember Todd Eachus's statement to the Times Leader about his knowledge of Rachel Manzo's invovlement. Read on.

From: Eric Buxton [mailto: govercom email address]
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 10:41 AM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:

these are ready. they will need to creat their identity in VMail once they log in. password for all is (redacted by me for privacy)

Jones, John Paul wrote:


Can you set me up with some more email addresses please:


John Jones
Rep. Todd Eachus

From: "Jones, John Paul" [mailto:]
To: Eric Buxton
Sent: 2007, 02.09 Fri, 12:35:18
Subject: RE:


shit...forgot i need one more:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More John Paul Jones Emails

The following emails were found in the file of CP-22-CR-0004656-2008 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Vs. Michael Veon located at the Dauphin County Courthouse in Harrisburg as part of a public records disclosure.

From: Eric Buxton [mailto: govercom email address]
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 2:06PM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:

Good, I didn't like the map either. No problem.

Jones, John Paul wrote:

Ok, hate to do this after you put in the time, but Todd said no on the map. As a result we can shift the two boxes to the left side, and then use the attached picture for the bottom right. Then delete "Change for the Better" and add in "Better Ideas, Better Government...Better Pennsylvania" Center this over the right side. Then underneath the banner and on top of the photo lets put in a link...."New Democratic Majority Puts forth Guiding Principles" and link it to Maybe we can add in a picture of the dome beside the link to make it look official.

John Jones
Rep. Todd Eachus

Here is the finsihed product.

From Eric Buxton
Sent: WEdnesday, January 03, 2007 2:18 PM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:
Yeah, I can get it. Is this pic of Todd just being used as filler content? Or do you want the New Democratic Majority...incorporated in the picture, and make the whole image a link?

Jones, John Paul wrote:

you don't have the house logo somewhere do you...that might be better than another picture of the capitol to take up some room in that mid-right section

From: Eric Buxton
Sent: January 03, 2007 3:11 PM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:

make it live?

Jones, John Paul wrote:

I'd kind of envisioned it as filler content...but mess around with it and let me know what you think looks best.

From: Eric Buxton
Sent: January 03, 2007 3:43 PM
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:

all good now

Jones, John Paul wrote:

when you click on the "Guiding Principles" link it takes you to the "Contribute" tab

From: Eric Buxton
Sent: Wed Jan 03 15:53:10 PM 2007
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re:


Jones, John Paul wrote:

when you click on the Click and Pledge link it takes you to their site and has our phone number on it...thats a govt. line...can we delete?

From "Jones, John Paul" [mailto:]
To: eric email address
Sent: 2007, 01.03 Wed, 16:55:01
Subject: Re:


Ok...thanks for the help. I will review with todd and staff and get back to you in the next day or so.

From: Jones, John Paul
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 4:55 PM
To: Eachus, Todd
Cc: Caton, Bob; Palermo, David; Manzo, Rachel

Please click on the following link ( ) to review the rough draft of the Eachus political website. It's not yet technically live, so let me know what you think? Bob Caton will be drafting a political press release from todd about taking the majority we can post to it..and Dave if you have any ideas about local content, please let me know.


John Jones
Rep. Todd Eachus

From: Caton, Bob
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007 10:45 AM
To Jones, John Paul; Eachus, Todd
Cc: Palermo, David; Manzo, Rachel

Can someone set me up with a address for press releases, please?

From: Jones, John Paul
To: Eric Buxton
Sent: 2007, 01.04 Thu, 11:46:15


Can you set this up for Bob please....and i need password for

Also, can we set these up with the webmail instead of vmail.

Eachus said he was "startled" to learn of Rachel Manzo's alleged involvement because her work for the policy committee had been "exemplary." Nevertheless, he said he suspended her without pay on the day the presentments were handed up. Times Leader article Page: 1A
STEVE MOCARSKY and RORY SWEENEY, Monday August 4, 2008

David Palermo still doesn't get it. He uses his email address for non-governmental work. Besides working for Todd Eachus he is treasurer of his political campaign.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Todd Eachus- You Must Be Stopped With These Outrageous Claims


Here goes. Your latest press release on your website states "Eachus plan to expand senior prescription drug coverage introduced in House" .

Quote: "Eachus, who has been a major voice for seniors in the state House for more than 12 years, said his legislation (H.B. 1676) would enhance the quality of life for an additional 30,000 seniors in Pennsylvania who are struggling to make ends meet in today's difficult economy.

Let's review two significant events that I believe totally contradict your assertions.

1) Case in point- let's roll back the tape to your 1998 campaign advertisement-

Voice Over

"One elected official kept his promise- State Todd Eachus"

"He promised to restore PACE benefits to thousands of our senior citizens for lifessaving prescription drugs."

"Todd Eachus delivered. The House overwhelmingly adopted Todd Eachus's amendment to raise PACE income limits for seniors."

Marty Berger: "To get a Bill through the House is a rare accomplishment for a fresheman legislator. We thank Todd Eachus for his hard work."

Todd Eachus: "I fought hard for this legislation. With the huge budget surplus seniors should not lose their PACE benefits."

"Reelect State Representative Todd Eachus leading the fight for senior citizens."

Uhhh.. let's talk about Todd Eachus's work.

Here is a chart depicting the dismall results of Todd Eachus's legislation.

Ohh...but there is more...In 2006 Todd Eachus took ownership for passing legislation that was supposed to add 120,000 seniors to PACE bringing the figure 430,000.

Look at this press release as reported on the PRN Newswire.

"This plan allows Pennsylvanians to get the best features of both PACE/PACENET and Medicare's prescription drug plans," Governor Rendell said. "PACE opened for business on July 1, 1984, and passage of this historic legislation is a very fitting way to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of this life-sustaining program. I thank the Legislature for its support of this program, which is so vital for so many seniors."

PACE Plus Medicare combines the state's popular PACE/PACENET program with the new federal Medicare Part D prescription drug program to ensure that as many as 420,000 Pennsylvania seniors don't pay a dime more for their drugs than PACE/PACENET required them to pay. Under the bill, PACE/PACENET will "wrap around" the federal program and fill gaps in the coverage.

"By having the federal government share in the cost of providing prescription coverage to seniors, we will be able to save significant Lottery funds - nearly $170 million in the new fiscal year alone - to invest in other essential services for older Pennsylvanians," Governor Rendell added. "We expect that the savings will allow an additional 120,000 seniors to enjoy PACE Plus coverage."

In this press release from the governor's office dated February 3, 2006 it states "Expanding prescription drug coverage for Pennsylvania seniors was one of my first priorities when I became Governor, and we did that. Today, more than 303,000 Pennsylvania seniors have coverage for essential medications through PACE, an increase of nearly 50 percent over three short years. While people talked about a national prescription drug program in Washington, we acted in Pennsylvania, creating the largest state prescription drug plan for seniors in the nation.

“Because Pennsylvania will be sharing the cost of prescription drug coverage under the new federal plan, we will be able to cover an additional 120,000 seniors, bringing total enrollment under PACE Plus Medicare to nearly 430,000 seniors. We think we’ll be able to attract people who meet current income guidelines, but use few prescription drugs and never bothered to enroll. And we will be able to do that at about half the cost of what we had previously been spending, giving us the ability to plow an estimated $180 million in savings back into other services for Pennsylvania’s seniors.”

One press release states they will save $170 million, the other $180 million. By July, 2006 the number of seniors on PACE and PACENET climbed to 317,000 according to a Department of Aging press release but before the legislation was law.

Call the Bureau of Pharmaceutical Assistance at 717-787-7313. The current figure is around 314,000 enrollees. That means there were no net gains for the last two years despite the Commonwealth saving $340-360 million dollars.

You can listen to Todd Eachus talk about the Medicare Plus Pace legislation here from 7/7/2006. Questions remain about the money saved by the legislation and where it was spent.

Legislator X- None Other Than Todd Eachus

According to my source inside Harrisburg, AG Corbett's Bonusgate investigation will go on for at least another year and a half. Those who want indictments must be patient. Don't ever believe for a minute that the Bonusgate investigation is dormant. It is anything but..So we decided to take a trip to Harrisburg and visit on Market Street. There was some interesting reading that I needed to catch up on. Don't make photocopies though. They charge you 50 cents apiece.

Afterwards I spent a couple of hard earned dollars at the Appalachian Brewing Company learning my ABC's. I quickly became a big fan of the Chesapeake Chicken Cake Sandwich.

There's an interesting piece of American history about a man named John Paul Jones. John Paul Jones was a very successful naval captain both overseas and in America. In that history there is a part where [The "John Paul Jones flag" was entered into Dutch records to help Jones avoid charges of piracy when he captured the Serapis under an "unknown flag."]

Well, the John Paul Jones I want to write about may not be able to help Legislator X avoid charges. Information from Market Street contradicts statements made by Legislator X to the media. Today we are going to expose more Legislator X activities with photos and all.

Here is a re-creation of an email from John Paul Jones to Eric Buxton sent of December 27, 2006 Wed 12:43:11



We're finally ready to get moving on Attached is Todd's new logo, plus I've added a couple pictures to be utilized. However, most of these were shot for his mail, so they were wide-angle in order to overlay text...I assume you can crop down where needed, etc. I'd like to make this site very simple in terms of content...similar to All we want in terms of links are: "About Todd" "Media Center" "Contribute" "Volunteer" and "Contact".

Text will be forthcoming.

John Jones
Rep. Todd Eachus

Attached to the email are six pictures of Todd Eachus including one with his family.

Here are a sample of the pictures.

Of course the text wasn't in the picture sent using the House Computer

Remember the line in the email- so they were wide-angle in order to overlay text.

The picture and the logo found here were also included in the email.

Other emails went back and forth between Buxton and John Paul Jones.

-----Original Message-----
From: Eric Buxton [eric's govercom email address]
To: Jones, John Paul
Sent: Tue Jan 02 14:06:21 2007
Subject: Committee

What's Eachus' committee name?

From: Eric Buxton [mailto: etc]
Sent Tuesday January 02, 2007 2:19M
To: Jones, John Paul
Subject: Re: Committee

You want me to set up a Click and Pledge account for contributions? We'll need the address and phone number for that too.

Jone, John Paul wrote:

Friends of Todd Eachus

From: Jones, "John Paul" [mailto:]
To Eric Buxton
Sent: 2007, 01.02 Tue, 16:31:19

Attachments EachusH1.jpg

Erin Madison already set up the click and pledge...I'll have her forward to you the info.n Also, I have attached Todd's letterhead whcih has the contact information in it.


It should be noted that Erin Madison is listed as a Research Analyst for the Office of the Democratic Policy Chairman in the July 2006 edition of the Telephone Directory for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

"I think the record will clearly show that I play by the rules. I've always done that. It's part of who I am,"- Todd Eachus Times Leader August 4, 2008

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cash For Clunkers

If I pay Sophia Loren for sex is that known as Cash for Clunkers.

Not really but did you know that as of today out of $3 billion set aside for the "Cash for Clunkers" program only $140 million has been paid to car dealers according to the 700 Club television program. He may be vacationing on Martha's Vineyard but he should be paying more attention to business since he bought most of it with our money.

Legislator X- Questions That Need Answers

How many times were you a passenger in N69WU? On the day of the announcement of the proposed Cargo Airport did you fly aboard N69WU to be present for said announcement? Did you declare any trips on your election campaign finance forms or the ethics filings? Were you the recipient of any cash donations from any indicted participants in the Luzerne County Courthouse investigation? Keep in mind that no allegations are being made just asking legitimate questions given known relationships. Your reluctance to answer media questions including Steve Corbett regarding these issues so far begs probing.

In case you need Wiggle room:

Member Incentive Program And Legislator X

interoffice memorandum

to: Legislator X

from: Andrea Berringer

subject: INcnetive program

date: 4/2/2007

cc: JOhn JOnes

HDCC (MIP) Member Incentive Program

The most effective way to bring in money to HDCC is through call time. But call time is exactly that. TIME and time is a tough commodity here in Harrisburg. That is why it is going to take a rotation of members through HDCC's door to call on the organizations behalf to really build its bank. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get our members to offer up their valuable time to us, especially the ones who do not use services from HDCC or receive assistance at election time or during a primary situation. This is why I am proposeing the HDCC (MIP) Member Incentive Program.

HDCC will supply lists of potential donors to the Campaign Committee from the general area that the member is from. The members will use HDCC to make the calls, handle all follow up, attribution of donations to its respective caller and thank you letters. For their time, the Member will receive 30% of the donations they raise in the form of a contribution to their campaign committee sent monthly. This program will have a cap at $75,0000 total raised ($50,000 to HDCC and $25,000 to the member.)

After the Member has raised their commitment to HDCC, and wants to continue to fundraise for his/herself, HDCC will continue to keep with lists. HDCC will supply Members with lists of democratic donors that are micro-targeted to their particula districts/committees/issues/etc/ but all follow up, phone lines, and staffing from then on will be theirs. But because HDCC will still be supplying ALL of the prospects, we will be asking for 10%. (*Mind you this alleviates countless man hours of research, data entry, and cross referencing.)

This program will be offered to the Members who are in seats that often have primary challengers first; then rolled out to our most vulnerable seats and outward to all as soon as HDCC has the finance staff to support this.

John Jones
Legislator X

It is worth noting that according to the July 2006 Telephone Directory Commonweath of Pennsylvania John Paul Jones was listed as a Research Analyst for the Office of the Policy Chairman at 717-705-2051. However, according to this press release Brett Marcy, spokesman for House Democratic Majority Leader Legislator X lists his phone number as 717-787-4819 for the House Democratic Caucus.

Note: Typo errors are directly from evidence submitted to the Dauphin County Court.

Todd Eachus Denies Knowing About List For Bonuses

Friday, July 11, 2008
Section: NEWS
Page: 1A

Veon and Michael Manzo initiated the program, directing caucus employee Eric Webb to maintain a list of caucus employees who assisted in campaigns, according to Corbett. Webb testified before a grand jury in exchange for immunity.

In 2006, Manzo secured for his wife a taxpayer-funded job helping Webb maintain the list, and she also assisted on campaigns in both the primary and general elections.

In December 2006, Rachel Manzo was hired as the executive director of Representative Eachus's policy committee, Eachus said. He said he was unaware of the work she had been doing before he hired her.

"Her work for the policy committee has been exemplary, so I'm startled," he said.

When asked about the list, he said: "I heard about it today. That's all I've got to say on that list."

Let's review the Grand Jury testimony to see if his statement holds water.

On 6/10/2008 a Special Agent from the Attorney General's office interviewed Daniel Wiedemer at his residence in Harrisburg. He accepted service of a Grand Jury subpoena. On 6/23/2008 Wiedemer was given a proffer interview which means he was told whatever he said could not be used against him in a proceeding.

Dan Wiedemer's testimony in front of the Grand Jury on 7/29/2008

Q- Tell us how this worked. That's the starting point. Who would participate in establishing that list.

A- There was a group of folks who, not just in this decision, but I think in any decision was always consulted, gave either their viewpoints or said how it was going to be.

That would be myself, Jessica Walls who is Jessica Walls Lavelle who was the field director at that point, Representative Stetler who was the chairman of the campaign committee, Representative Veon, Brett Cott, Mike Manzo. And that was the core group and it expanded a little bit to include Representative Dan Frankel, Representative Jen Mann and Representative Joe Preston who also were involved in the campaign committee.

Q- What about Eachus?

A- Early on in the cycle, Representative Eachus wasn't involved. He became involved in July or August.

Q- After Stetler left?

A-After Representative Stetler left.

Q-He took over for Stetler, right?

A- He did.

So Eachus took over as Chairman of the campaign committe but is trying to tell the public the arrest was the first time he heard of the list. It is worth noting that the attorney for Stephen Stetler accepted service of a Grand Jury subpoena on 6/12/2008.

Previous testimony before the Grand Jury was corroborated by Dan Wiedemer's testimony.

Eric Webb's testimony before the Grand Jury ON 06/24/2008 stating Eachus knew Webb maintained the volunteer list allegedly used to award bonuses.

Q- List for us everybody that you recollect knew about the list or saw the list from 2004 through the end of 2006.

A- Mike Manzo, Brett Cott, the people in my office knew about the list. Nora Sabo, Paul Martz, Cameron Texter, Gail McDermott, Jon Price, DeWeese's office knew about the list, Kevin Sidella. I think most people who worked for DeWeeese and Veon knew, so that would include people like Jeb Wagner, John Paul Jones who worked for Steve Stetler and then later Todd Eachus knew about it.

Two participants in the Legislative Bonus scandal testified that Legislator X, who in his biography states, "In 2006 Legislator X's campaign strategies and dedication to help incumbent members and first-time candidates led directly to House Democrats retaking the Majority for the first time since 1994." knew about the list according to the witnesses but in a newspaper interview in July, 2008 he states u>"I heard about it today. That's all I've got to say on that list."

You be the judge. It is worth noting that the Special Agent mentioned above is still actively investigating the Democrats. You have not heard the last of their Bonusgate activities. Don't get me wrong. There will be Republicans as well who will be arrested, and deservedly so, but the Dems should not be sleeping comfortably at night.

More Email Activity Outlining Legislator X's Role

Here is a series of emails that appear to demonstrate the direction by Legislator X over state employees as well as the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee personnel not worried about emailing a House of Representative employee using the House computer system. Note the times of the emails as well as other emails posted previously.

From: "DiLeo, Vicki"
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 20:20:32
Subject: Re: it's eugene

Let me know what I can do. I want to do whatever I can. I want this seat to stay in the D column.

From: Dan Wiedemer- HDCC
To: DiLeo, Vicki
Sent: Mon Aug 07 20:22:48 2006
Subject: Re: it's eugene

Ok ok you talked me into it. Take a leave and manage the race, fine!

From: "DiLeo, Vicki"
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 20:27:23
Subject: Re: it's eugene

Not sure I'm best for manager as I know too many of locals-- that's why I got ou of local stuff!!!

From: Dan Wiedemer- HDCC []
To: DiLeo, Vicki
Sent: 2006, 08. 07 20:32:23
Subject: Re: it's eugene

No, you would be the best manager there is. Not sure if the higher ups would agree with allowing you to focus on one thing though. With (Legislator X) ta(k)ing over incumbents, the effort has become incredibly more active and aggressive. John will be working with him on mail, bu with the majority on the line this year....the thought of gaining 8 and losing 2 incumbents is just horrible.
So he's going to want to do a lot. Especially with policy and hearings and moving secretaries through, etc.

Dan Wiedemer
Executive Director
Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee
(717) 238-1998

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Bonusgate Highlights From Mike Veon's Court Filings

As you about to see Legislator X utilized state resources and state employees way before the Bonusgate period that is paramount in Attorney Tom Corbett's indictments of the participants. Legislator X maintained he was unaware of the alleged criminal activity when he interacted with the employees in an interview with a local newspaper last fall concerning Bonusgate. I beg to differ.

The term "lay of the land" refers to opposition research as described in the original presentment by AG Corbett.

What is being described is the use of state resources against Sean Shamany, Hazleton Area School District School Director who opposed Legislator X in 2004.

From: Winters, Chris
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 1:01P.M.
To: Hursh, Rachel; Kraber, C.C., Brubaker, Jennifer
Subject: I need assistance
Importance: High

Good Afternoon ladies! I hope you are all well.

I am working on the lay of the land for (Legislator X). I was curious if you have the opposition research done on his opponent. If so, may I please have it so I can finish this project?

Thank You.

Christopher Winters
Office of Member Services

From: Brubaker, Jennifer
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 1:08P.M.
To: Winters, Chris
Cc: Hursh, Rachel; Kraber, C.C.
Subject: RE: I need you assistance...

No we do not. Per our conversations with Dan and Jess, due to session and scheduling issues, we were not able to do our trips to Monroe or Luzerne counties. Kevin Sidella and Jon Price had previously done the school board minutes for (Legislator X's) opponent, but I never received those. Dan and Jess had mentioned they may be able to get some courthouse/background check stuff done on their own. I have some newspaper articles, etc.

From: Winters, Chris (House Democratic Caucus address)
To: Brubacker, Jennifer
CC: Hush, Rachel: Kraber, C.C.
Sent 2004, 07.02 Fri, 13:15:24
Subject: RE: I need you assistance...


I completely understand. I will to get what I can from the gentlemen. If it helps, I will email Dan and Jess and I will go to
(a Northeastern PA town) next week. I need to do my DO review anyway. It will help get some weight off your shoulders plus I can get done what I need to do at the same time. If you need anything else or any canadidate covered/researched, please do not hesitate to ask. You have been always so helpful to me: It is the least I can do to return the favor.

Christopher Winters
Office of Member Services

Here is an email validating direct control by Legislator X.

From: Texter, Cameron (House Democratic Caucus email)
T0: Sidella, Kevin
Sent: 2006, 01,19 Thu, 15:15,09
Subject: Legislator X Reimbursement


I have a question for you. Jon Price and I had to do research for Legislator X. I cannot submit the travel expenses legislatively as we did not have the opportunity to visit Legislator X's office whatsoever, and Legislator X wanted us to let everyone know that we're there doing the research on his behalf and that of the HDCC.

Eric said he would speak to Manzo about getting reimbursed. Did anyone speak to you about it? Should I just deal with Eric and wait? My finances are in a condition that I need reimbursement as soon as possible. I made the trip last Thursday.

Please advise me on what course I should take on this matter.

Your are a true friend.



Cameron Texter
Office of Member Services
Room 604
Main Capitol
House Post Office Box 202020
The Capitol
Harrisburg, PA. 17120-2020
Telephone: Office (717) 772-9971, Cell (717) XXX-XXXX
(I won't post that for obvious reasons)

Let's go back to 1998. Please note that 717-705-1920 is a House Democratic Caucus fax number.

Date: July 23, 1998

To: Joe Powers, HDCC
Fax Number: 705-1920

Mem: Joe, Legislator X fundraising efforts, JR

Chart showing Legislator X's fundraising at 13.2%

Date: Thursday, September 3, 1998

To: Joe Powers, HDCC
Fax Number: 705-1920

Memo: Final draft of Legislator X PACE ad. JR 457-2487

State Representative Legaislator X "Saving PACE"

FAX LETTER 9-21-95 Portable Space Letterhead Exeter, PA. It is worth noting that Legislator X was the owner of Portable Space.

To: Joe Powers

From: Legislator X

Comments: Confidential

Joe, Please call me about this as you can imagine I have a # of questions. Legislator X's initials.

Contract between Legislator X and J.R. Rostkowski and Judy Dessoye of "Northeast Campaigns" and "The Friends of Legislator X Committee"

Is J.R. Rostkowski the same one mentioned in this article as a per diem worker for Central Court?

This legislator has been using state resources and state employees on state time for a very long time. The magnitude of Bonusgate goes far beyond what AG Corbett is prosecuting.

In a time where Harrisburg has no budget, but a huge budget deficit, these actions only convince me that we do not need the size of the legislature, nor the amount of employees. They have created a culture and a machine geard towards elections, not soving the problems of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In The Court Of Common Pleas Of Dauphin County PA

While everyone is preoccupied with the shenanigans in Luzerne County drama swells as it plays out in Harrisburg. What I am viewing WILL resonate in a local legislative district(actually more than one but for now follow my story). It seems there has been a certain politician maintaining innocence in the Bonusgate affair. Immaculateness and righteousness cascade from this legislator's(who I will refer to as Legislator X) mouth that one would believe the next messiah, sans Obama, has decided to reside in our midst.

Grand jury testimony regarding Bonusgate has made its way into Dauphin County court as part of CP-22-CR-0004656-2008 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Vs. Michael Veon. Here is a link to one recent decision regarding "Motion To Disiss-Selective Prosecution" filed on behalf of Stephen Keefer, Earl J. Mosley, Brett Cott, Michael Veon, Anna Marie Perretta-Rosepink, and Sean Ramaley. The order was entered on July 22, 2009.

From a review of the court filings one would see that it appears there are 59 counts against Michael Veon filed by the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Naturally a hardy defense would be in order.

There will be "a couple two-tree" posts before I get to the legislator who has yet to be announced as a defendant but who I predict will not only be charged by the Attorney General but by the F.B.I. as well.

Let's talk about some employees of the Commonwealth. Michele Borlinghaus- She has been reimbursed for working on the re-election campaign of Representative John Siptroth, 189th District, Monroe and Pike Counties. Borlinghaus was an English major from Bloomsburg University. She started out as a legislative intern for Keith McCall in March, 2005. She quickly rose to prominence by making the Bonusgate Presentment by the Statewide Investigating Grand Jury.

Agents from the Attorney General's office raided the Democratic Office of Legislative Research on August 23, 2007 where she was employed.

As reported by Tracie Mauriello in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in 2007 Michelle Borlinghaus testified before the Grand Jury looking into Bonusgate. The article states Borlinghaus was one of the highest paid bonus recipients.

The relevant part of that story:

In 2006, Ms. Borlinghaus spent four months away from her state job as a research analyst to work full time for the House Democratic Campaign Committee and on Mr. DeWeese's re-election campaign. She received a bonus of $15,065, equal to 40 percent of her salary.

Campaign expenditure reports show that Ms. Borlinghaus traveled extensively in northeast Pennsylvania, where Rep. John Siptroth was waging a re-election campaign.

On July 10, 2008 Dennis Roddy of the Post Gazette wrote the following about Borlinghaus.

The grand jury said the importance of campaign work as a measure of caucus employment was captured in a series of e-mails dealing with Michele Borlinghaus, a first-year hire assigned to the Legislative Research Office.
From June 2005, one month after she was hired, to November 2006, she spent six months on campaign work, including the special election to replace state Rep. Jeff Habay,
(isn't that ironic that they use her for the same thing Habay was removed by Corbett from office for) a Republican who was removed from office for using state workers and resources for his political campaigns.

On July 23, 2006, Mrs. Brubaker, her supervisor, wrote to Mr. Manzo about what she viewed as substandard state work by Miss Borlinghaus.

"Every manager has encountered significant problems with her work product," said Mrs. Brubaker, who said her work contained glaring errors as well as problems with spelling and grammar.

Mrs. Brubaker said she could not recommend Miss Borlinghaus for the standard 3 percent meritorious work increment usually given House employees.

If her work was so bad why was she one of the highest paid? Guess you can define the meaning of "hush" money in one fell swoop. Lucky for Siptroth he was re-elected.

Dan Reese, the Programming and Web Supervisor for the Democratic Caucus testifed before the Grand Jury that he was paid a bonus for helping the campaign of Linda Minger in the 131st District. His rendition is hilarious. He and two other employees took their fishing gear with them as well as the campaign literature for their mission. They threw away the campaign literature and just went fishing. When they came back there were $250.00 bonuses waiting for them. He stated "When we got the bonus--we're not idiots--we figured out what is was for."

Reese also testified before the Grand Jury how he was ordered to alter the House Democratic Caucus "Constituent Tracking System" for political campaign purposes. Keep in mind that the House Democratic Caucus is a legislative and policy alliance, not a political campaign organization per se.

The PA House Democratic Caucus has a Code of Conduct. One of the items states "Freedom of Activity. To provide employees the freedom to spend their own time and/or money on political campaign activity, or not, as they voluntarily choose, without coercion from supervisors or Members to engage in personal or political campaign activity." The policy also states:

"Compliance with the Law. As employees of a law-making body, Caucus employees must obey all applicable laws and encourage others to do so. Employees with questions about laws that pertain to the performance of their duties should seek guidance from the Compliance and Ethics Director of the House Democratic Caucus."

Employees of the House Democratic Caucus shall not: Gifts and favors. Directly or indirectly solicit, accept or agree to receive any gifts of money or goods, loans, or services for personal benefit under circumstances that would influence the manner in which they perform their duties.

Political Campaign Activity.

a. During working hours. Engage in political campaign activity during their specified working hours unless on their lunch break or unless they have previously submitted a leave slip.

b. Using Commonwealth resources. Engage in political campaign activity at any time either (i) using Commonwealth resources or (ii) while on property owned or leased by the Commonwealth that is not common space open to the public.

c. Coercion. In any manner coerce any other Caucus employee to contribute time, money or services to a political candidate or campaign or to violate any of the provisions of subsections (a) and (b).

In particular I am looking at emails sent back and forth on September 22nd and September 23rd, 2006 among Legislator X, Michelle Borlinghaus, Dan Reese, Christina Zarek, and Jessica Walls. First read this email from Michele Borlinghas werein she describes how they orchestrate and use the media.

From: Borlinghaus, Michele []
Sent: Frdiay, September 22, 2006 12:02 P.M.
To:Zarek, Christina;
Subject: RE:Asure Letter

Hey Chris, I just spoke to Eachus. I guess you are working in the letter that John will deliver to Donna. Also, in a normal circumstance our camp here would write the letters to the editor, but since we are using them as our only vehicle to get our negative message out about Donna, I am more comfortable getting ideas from you on the language of the letters. Since they will do directly in our mailers, I want them to be perfect and that ‘s where I need you and your crew. Honan forwarded the two grassroots examples he wanted—you have any thoughts on those? Should I go ahead and get those out to be signed?

I had some ladies from the Pike County area forward me a letter they wanted to send in about yesterday’s article. Can you take a peak? Its too long, but I just want some general feedback. I will forward in a few.


There seems to be an email missing but lets go on to the next one available.

From Legislator X [mailto: Legislator]
Sent Friday, September 22, 2006 6:45P.M.
Subject: Re: Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre Pro

Worth a try tell him I recommend it

At my son game til 10 if he want to argue about it I am free after that

Jessical Walls replies:

From: Jessica Walls
To: Legislator X
Sent: Fri Sep 22 18:58:34 2006
Subject: RE: Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre Pro

Michelle's thought, and I agree with her.

(Legislator X's intials) should just give him a call and suggest so it doesn't seem like we are all talking and he is not included. If he says not then so be it, but it is a good idea.

Michelle Borlinghaus replies:

From: Michele Borlinghaus
To: Legislator X;, Zarek, Christina;
Sent: Sat Sep 23 08:58:52 2006
Subject: Re: Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre Pro

What do I need to being(bring) to the debate? Should I bring copies of the letter and release there?

Legislator X wrote:

Excellent he is going to put the Eagle letter in her hand at the debate

Make sure michelle and chris prepare a kick ass release with a copy fo the eagle letter attached to each!

Sounded strong and positive!

Just got off the phone w/ him!

Legislator X's initials

From: Legislator X
Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2006 9:29A.M.
To: personal email address that I don't want to post);; Zarek, Christina;
Subject: Re:Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre Pro


You should do a release about the letter challenging Donna
(he is referring to Donna Asure, opponent to John Siptroth) to a "clean campaign" unifluenced by the Hburg Majority party Bosses.

She was challenged to sign it at the candidate forum "hand delivered" by State Rep John Sippy.

Next day DAY 2 Donna hasn't signed

Next day DAY 3 Donna hasn't signed woops Negative ROBO CALL- Payed by Hburg Party Boss Speaker John Perzel

Day 4 Donna in thre gutter again and so so and so on (mispelling in original document)

John understands the tactic will hand deliver and challenge for positive issued based campaign.

“Zarek, Christina”,> wrote:

He needs to publicly give her the pledge. Can maybe do it in his closing remarks. “I’ve signed this pledge, and I am challenging my opponent to do the same.” Then hand it to her. If the press does not write about, we’ll do a press release. If the press does write about it, we’ll wait several days to a week and do the release saying she hasn’t yet signed. Michelle, what time is the debate?

The story gets funny here. All this planning and wasted time on this strategy and read what happens.

Michele writes:

From: Michele Borlinghaus []
Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2006 1:39P.M.
To: Zarek, Christina; Legislator X;;; Grill, Barb;
Subject: RE: Scan from a Xerox WorkCentre Pro

Ok it started at 10AM—he challenged her to sign the pledge in his opening and closing remarks. It backfired in a sense because people in the audience state she had not been negative. She DID NOT AGREE to sign the pledge. Danced around the subject—and said it depends on his def of positive and negative—if John thinks negative is making his record public then she will be negative and that is all she has done thus far.

He got his ass handed to him—thankfully its awful weather up here and hardly anyone showed and we think only the photographer from the paper was there- no reporter. She has everything he is not: She has nothing to say and says it extremely well and he has EVERYTHING to say and articulates it horribly. His delivery was a mess, he didn’t follow script, he was not personable—she def won this match today. Again thankfully it wasn’t a big forum with lots of press. Oh yeah and he never handed her the pledge—just referenced that he sent it.

Most of the emails end in an address with

On November 02, 2006 Legislator X sends this email from his PA House office computer to Borlinghaus, Michael Manzo, Dan Reese, Jessica Walls and Mike Veon.

RE: Asure email blast Let's go everyone!

Borlinghas replies to Legislator X then Legislator X replies back

Tell john this from me Michelle

This is a fantastic opportunity to nail her with current actions

I know john wants no robos but this has fallen in our lap

Don't think we should walk by this opportunity without communicating!

It real inexpensive as well

Legislator X's initials

There is a campaign fundraising letter written by Michelle Borlinghaus for Legislator X found on the House Democratic Caucus computer created 11:57A.M. on 2/2/07. The letter is signed by Legislator X.

On 5/15/2008 Dan Reese testified before the Grand Jury about Legislator X ordering him to alter the House Democratic Caucus's "Constiuent Tracking System" for political campaign purposes.

Q. Legislator X said he wanted you to so something within CTS, correct? A. Correct

More to come. Stay tuned. There is a moroccan melodrama to this story. If I were Legislator X I wouldn't be making plans that far ahead.

Legislator X- Reposts

The Legislator X posts were removed for editing purposes. Additional information became available that made sense out of some of the emails. Reposts are forthcoming.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Barack Obama Please Resign

Today on there is an article advising people not to buy GM stock. The stock currently trading contains the unwanted assets and unsecured claims of the old GM spun off as part of the bankruptcy process. The old GM as represented by Motors Liquidation is entirely separate from the new General Motors Company, a privately held company at this point owned mainly by the U.S. government.

On the same website there is an article stating that "Cash For Clunkers Helps Give GM A Boost". Okay Barack there is where you lost me. From the article- To meet the increased demand for vehicles that is expected to last even as the clunkers program comes to an end, GM is adding shifts at a plant in Ontario, Canada where the Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain are built,.." Hello, how is that helping America???

BTW if you care to look at specs the Equinox gets 17 city/ 24 highway and the Terrain with a 6 cylinder engine gets 17 city/ 25 highway. I guess its Cash To Buy Clunkers That Non Americans Make!!!

More on the plea from Canada to Barack for help!! GM Canada recently declined the loan because it said it was able to temporarily support itself through "cost-saving measures." The Canadian automaker said it will still seek money from the Canadian governments to help execute its long-term plan....Should have said American Government but who's noticing.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Coach Rick Pitino to Legislator X

."When you have a problem, if you tell the truth, the problem becomes
part of your past," he said. "If you lie, it becomes part of your

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let Me Ride That Jet

Small venue in prison back in 1988.

Gimmie A Ticket For an Airplane-

Welcome to EKU Fort Knox

Some interesting donations to Legislator X. Guess this is how you get someone to support giving $250 million of taxpayers' money for a fantasy project.

Contributor Date Amount
Robert & Debra Powell
West Hazleton, PA 18201 9/15/2000 $400.00
Occupation: -
Employer: -
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: Friends of Legislator X
Report: 2000 Cycle 5

Powell Law Group
West Hazleton, PA 18201 10/17/2000 $100.00
Occupation: -
Employer: -
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: Friends of Legislator X
Report: 2000 Cycle 5
Contributor Date Amount

Powell Law Group
West Hazleton, PA 18201 6/20/2001 $250.00
Occupation: -
Employer: -
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: Friends of Legislator X
Report: 2001 Cycle 7

Contributor Date Amount
Robert Powell
West Hazleton, PA 18201 5/16/2002 $150.00
Occupation: -
Employer: -
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: FRIENDS OF Legislator X
Report: 2002 Cycle 3

Contributor Date Amount
Robert Powell
Drums, PA 18222 10/21/2004 $250.00
Occupation: -
Employer: PA
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: Friends of Legislator X
Report: 2004 Cycle 6

Contributor Date Amount
Robert Powell
West Hazleton, PA 18201 8/4/2004 $750.00
Occupation: Lawyer
Employer: PA
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: Friends of Legislator X

Contributor Date Amount
WEST HAZLETON, PA 18201 5/5/2004 $500.00
Occupation: LAWYER
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: FRIENDS OF Legislator X
Report: 2004 Cycle 3

Contributor Date Amount
WEST HAZLETON, PA 18201 3/5/2004 $500.00
Occupation: LAWYER
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: FRIENDS OF Legislator X
Report: 2004 Cycle 2

Contributor Date Amount
Robert Powell
Drums, PA 18222 7/12/2005 $260.00
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: Powell Law Group, P.C.
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: Friends of Legislator X
Report: 2005 Cycle 5

Recipient Date Amount
FRIENDS OF Legislator X
HAZLETON, PA 18201 3/29/2005 $10,000.00
Report: 2005 Cycle 2

Contributor Date Amount
Conservatives for Good Government
Sugarloaf, PA 18249 2/8/2007 $5,000.00
Occupation: -
Employer: PA
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: Friends of Legislator X
Report: 2007 Cycle 2

Contributor Date Amount
Robert Powell
Drums , PA 18222 6/12/2006 $340.00
Occupation: lawyer
Employer: PA
Description: Monetary Contribution-
Recipient: Friends of Legislator X
Report: 2006 Cycle 4

Legislator X- Greater Accountablility

What a Christmas Present!! I almost pissed my pants when I read that article. Let me save you the bother and get to the point. A quote from Legislator X-

"Our new House leadership will take this institution to greater accountability and try to restore the public's trust."

It would be irresponsible for state taxpayers for the caucus to pay for the legal defense of anyone who's indicted.

"He said I can't have any more money. Just when I needed him to throw me a bone he throws me under the bus. He was after my position the whole while. Whodathunkit! Ralph, ya know what they say- Every dog get his day. "

Legislator X Received A 22 Percent Unconstitutional Pay Raise

Okay so you read that headline and said "What A Minute, that raise was repealed!". You are absolutely almost correct. Yes, the pay raise was repealed but for those legislators who did not pay it back means THEY GOT A PAY RAISE!

His salary for that year was not $69,648 but $85,102. However, as majority leader he announced that the House of Representatives was under "new management." Please bring the old one back.

Personally I believe his pay increase should have been effective as soon as he was but that's another story.

On the Issue Of PA's Budget Impasse

From The Philadelphia Daily News:

New data developed by the National Conference of State Legislatures show Pennsylvania first among states in legislative staff (2,918) despite being sixth in population.

Caucus officials put the number at 2,609, but that might not include paid interns or part-timers. Either way, it's more than 10 staffers for each of our 253 lawmakers.

The Pennsylvania Legislature(note both parties) and the Governor need a counselor to settle their differences. To do otherwise is like the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

Robert Mericle- No Miracle Could Avoid Pleading Guilty

Times Leader Photo

Thursday, August 13, 2009 11:26 am Times Leader website

UPDATE: Mericle to donate $2.15 million to benefit children under conditions of plea agreement

SCRANTON - Developer Robert Mericle has agreed to voluntarily donate $2.15 million to a fund that will benefit the welfare of children in Luzerne County as part of a plea agreement to federal charges.

The agreement, which was signed Friday, calls for Mericle to plead guilty to one count of failing to report a felony. Prosecutors say Mericle failed to disclose his knowledge that former judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella had accepted kickbacks in exchange for rulings that benefited the PA and Western PA juvenile detention centers that Mericle built.

It was inescapable that a businessman would allow money to pass through his account and not be "accountable"- pun intended.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Listen To Mike Sola- A Proud American Nancy Pelosi called Un-American

Dissent is the greatest form of patriotism.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

And particularly this:

"The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive."

Life lessons from the current administration:
Protests in favor of liberals are patrotic. Protests in favor of conservatism are un-american. Liberal protesters are concerned citizens. Conservative protesters are infiltrators.

Legislator X Commercial- PACE Claims Unsubstantiated

The following script is for a political commercial ran in 1998 by Legislator X.

Voice Over

"One elected official kept his promise- State Representative Legislator X"

"He promised to restore PACE benefits to thousands of our senior citizens for lifessaving prescription drugs."

"Legislator X delivered. The House overwhelmingly adopted Legislator X's amendment to raise PACE income limits for seniors."

Marty Berger: "To get a Bill through the House is a rare accomplishment for a fresheman legislator. We thank Rep. Legislator X for his hard work."

Legislator X: "I fought hard for this legislation. With the huge budget surplus seniors should not lose their PACE benefits."

"Reelect State Representative Legislator X leading the fight for senior citizens."

One problem Legislator X. Look at the following chart from the Department of Aging and substantiate how seniors were helped when less and less were on the PACE program in subsequent years. Not telling the truth to seniors is a bad idea. Who was restored to the PACE program?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Legislator X's Contributions to PA House Democratic Campaign Commitee

Click to Enlarge

Here is a chart highlighting the contributions made by Legislator X to the state Democratic Campaign Committee over the past nine years. It is a telling story of creating influence and power. But there appears to be more to this story from Grand Jury testimony regarding the House Democratic Caucus "Constituent Tracking System" and instructions to alter it for political campaign purposes. More on that in another post.

It is no secret that Legislator X wanted to ascend the ladder into a top Leadership post. It is hard to imagine the meteoric rise in only 12 years by this legislator considering the players in Harrisburg over the years. Maybe Bill DeWeese wasn't as unlucky as some may believe.

Monday, August 4, 2008
Section: NEWS
Page: 1A

Legislator X on Friday also took full responsibility for decisions made on recipients of donations from Friends of Legislator X as well as from the House Democratic Campaign Committee, saying he was "proud of it."

As for the increase in Friends of Legislator X donations to the House Democratic Campaign Committee, Legislator X said the growth of his own "political clout" during the past 12 years is directly related to the amount of giving he has been able to accomplish.

He said it's necessary to donate to campaigns of people who will support his goals for his district and the state, such as job growth and health care access.

"In order to put forth these policies, political clout and the giving that you see are inextricably connected. And I'm going to do more of it," Legislator X said.

Friday, August 7, 2009

AG's Office Investigating Drugs At Luzerne County Prison

The FBI needs a break but the magnitude of corruption in Luzerne County does not seem to be subsiding. In the latest twist it has been reported by the Times Leader that the AG's office is investigating an employee at the Luzerne County lockup over drugs. This action comes not long after the Feds launched an investigation into drugs found a Luzerne County Sheriff's vehicle.

Imagine, if you want to score take a ride with the sheriff to the prison. You are bound to be a happy camper. Don't get your panties in a sort Savokinas, just making a joke here.

Judge Ann Lokuta- I Have Witnesses

Personally, I always felt Judge Lokuta received an unfair trial before the Board of Discipline. I had people try to convince me about her behavior but if anyone was put in a pressure cooker like she was I am sure those subjected to it would crack.

The Times Leader is reporting that Judge Ann Lokuta has filed statements with the state Court of Judicial Discipline that verify her allegations that Mark "The Chiv" Civarella and Michael "The Con" Conahan conspired to have her removed from the bench.

Well, back to the whacky side. The court held off making a ruling, however, after Lokuta advised members she had witnesses who would link Conahan to the Mafia. Its just Ann being Ann.

Greg Hunsinger- Another Casualty

The Times Leader is reporting that Luzerne County purchasing agent Greg Hunsinger has resigned his post effective August 20th.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Skrepenak- "I was as shocked as everyone else.."

From LuLac Political Letter November 8, 2007

Jennifer Learn-Andes reported in the Times Leader that Greg Skrepenak, Luzerne County Commissioner, stated he was as shocked as everyone else" to learn his father was testifying before a grand jury looking into corruption in Northeastern Pennsylvania. According to the younger Skrepenak he wants to know but won't ask. Maybe he should revisit some of his votes as Luzerne County Commissioner to jog his memory.

For one, he voted to scrap the plans for Luzerne County to build its own juvenile detention center facility when he voted for leasing beds at PA ChildCare in December, 20004. The county had already spent $446,000.00 on architectural design work to build its own facility.

Imagine if the majority commissioners including Todd Vonderheid had stayed the course of the previous commissioners, Makowski and Pizano. Would those children have suffered like they did in juvenile court? There would have been no deal to send juveniles to PA ChildCare. For that action alone Skrepenak should not seek re-election. Read my previous posts for more suspect votes on this issue.

He may not be charged but it is like an audit. Audits don't always find wrongdoing but they definitely find stupidity in the decision process. He is quoted in the Times Leader article as saying "The hardest part is that people will theorize and speculate,”.

Skrep, what I write is not speculation or theories but the facts as presented at the time in news articles and known votes.

You should have to answer for this statement in the Times Leader article.

The commissioner said he wants to make it clear that he has no financial or ownership connection to Big Ugly’s. The commissioner, a former NFL lineman, had wanted to open the establishment, but could not own a liquor license because of his position in county government.

“I’m very rarely there, and I pay for my meals and everything when I’m there,” he said.

If you are rarely there as a commissioner why do we need to pay you?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Todd Eachus- You Get PAID Before State Workers-Update

Paychecks for 77,000 state workers thanks to the "Bridge" budget signed by the Governor won't reach them until next week. But the House Democratic Caucus made it sound like they solely worked to make it happen.

In the meantime 3,000 legislative employees have been receiving their checks on a regular basis as usual.

From Jim Parsons Report for Team 4 In Pittsburgh:

Thousands of employees in the state Legislature are still getting full paychecks because the state Legislature has built up a $200 million slush fund -- but Team 4 investigative reporter Jim Parsons has learned there's no record kept of the hours those employees work.

Pennsylvania's Legislature costs taxpayers more than $300 million a year. Most of that money pays the salaries of 3,000 legislature employees. A Team 4 investigation found that those workers fill out no time sheets for their paychecks.

"You have to have a way of documenting who is working, how much time and how you're paying it," Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato said.

Recently, Team 4 submitted a public records request to the state House of Representatives. Chief clerk Roger Nick sent a letter saying the House "does not possess time and attendance records that track an employee's daily record of attendance." Team 4 got the same answer from the clerk of the Senate.

But the real kick in the pants is that the House Democrats had the House Comptroller pay them yesterday while the 77,000 workers have to wait until next week to be paidaccording to John Micek of the Allentown Call.

Moments After ...
... yesterday's vote on the Frankenbudget, House Democrats issued a triumphant press release proclaiming that they'd "[led]the charge to pay state workers," who've been going without pay or living on partial pay since July 1.

But before they cast that epochal vote, Democrats made sure their own members, who also have not been paid since June 1, got their paychecks as well. The House Comptroller's Office confirmed this morning that it cut checks for Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday. State workers will not be paid until next week at the earliest.

Brett Marcy, a spokesman for House Majority Leader Todd Eachus, D-Luzerne, confirmed the payments. We're still waiting for specific comment and will update as soon as possible.

From the Democratic Press Release: Political Rhetoric Plain and Simple

"House Democrats will continue to fight for a responsible, balanced budget that continues investments in services that matter to Pennsylvanians, while making strategic and responsible cuts to reflect the state's current economic situation," he added. "But we need the Senate Republicans to finally get serious about this budget and begin to compromise."

Todd, way to look out for yourself. Why doesn't your press release let the state workers know that you made sure you were taken care of first. You are a true money grabber. And when are you going to give back the repealed pay raise you weren't supposed to receive in 2005?

When are you going to get serious and be fiscally responsible to the taxpayers? Ohh that's right you were making sure Robert Powell & Co. would get $250 million of our borrowed money for the fantasy airport? Was the jet ride the day of the cargo airport announcement ever disclosed?

“Hazleton is one stop to virtually anywhere in the world with these jets,” Eachus said in a news release. “When we are offering a quality, cost-effective alternative to fueling and servicing of these aircraft, we’ll also become home to distribution centers, repair facilities for electronics and even manufacturing plants for new goods that companies can then ship affordably from Hazleton.” How did that work out for you, Todd?

From Gort42 on February, 2009

Todd has been a staunch supporter of this piece of corporate welfare even sending out a newsletter to people in other districts promising 100,000 jobs would be created if the airport was built. He also inserted a $16.5 million authorization for the cargo airport in a House bill listing projects under the Pennsylvania Gaming Economic Development and Tourism Fund. The slots money is supposed to be used for reducing school taxes but it has to be hard for any politician not to think of a way to spend this big pot of gold on something else.

Elected Officials- Corruption Is Not Allowed

Club Fed (1990)

With the slew of arrests among elected officials in Luzerne County someone has to remind elected officials that corruption is an unacceptable behavior. The mentality that exists, the breadth and extent of the corruption seems to be more than anyone could have ever expected to experience.

The latest is a former magistrate from West Pittston, Karen Holly, charged on Wednesday with the theft concerning programs receiving federal funding in the amount of $5,000.00.

Now Club Fed with have to be co-ed. I am sure people in Northeastern Pennsylvania want to open Club Fed Up for the criminals' extended stay visit, Holly excluded of course until if and when convicted.

Ciavarella Donated To Skrepenak and Vonderheid in 2005

PLAINS, PA 18705
Date 11/5/2005
Description: DONATION
Report: 2005 Cycle 6

Was it a reward? Sitting judges are not to donate to political campaigns according to the Judicial Cannon No. 7.

CANON 7: Judges should refrain from political activity inappropriate to their judicial office

(1) A judge or a candidate for election to judicial office should not:

(c) solicit funds for or pay an assessment or make a contribution to a political organization or candidate, attend political gatherings, or purchase tickets for political party dinners, or other functions, except as authorized in subsection A(2);

More On Juvenile Detention Center Issue Relevant to Subpoena of Luzerne County Commissioner Minutes

From James Convy Citizen's Voice 07/16/2005

County officials say juvie center lease saving money

One of Luzerne County's biggest budget problems is more cost-effective thanks to the lease of a Pittston Township juvenile center, said Sam Diaz, county chief of budget and finance.

Total expenses at the facility through the first six months of 2005 are $2.1 million, or 42 percent of the year's anticipated $5 million budget, Diaz said.

On the revenue side, the county estimated receiving $5.2 million from the facility in 2005. With $2.2 million billed through June and a more aggressive marketing campaign in place, the projections are on target, Diaz said.

In fact, with other cost-cutting measures implemented by Judge Mark Ciavarella, the county has spent $1.8 million less on juvenile placements than it did through June 2004, Diaz said. The juvenile placement line item finished last year about $3 million over budget.

"It's not all doom and gloom here," Diaz said. "(The juvenile placement budget) is on track. It's exactly where I expect. It's definitely not losing money."

Minority Commissioner Stephen Urban did not back down from his belief the county should build or buy a facility. He was not disappointed juvenile placement numbers were down, but claimed the figures are inflated by high charges levied by the county.
We could have entered into a 20-year lease for $100 million if we hike up the rates enough to pay the bills," Urban said. "The lease of the facility for $58 million, when records in the county reflect the facility only cost $6.7 million to build, is excessive. We're passing that cost onto the federal government."

Note: He was referring to federal funding paying about 66 percent toward the cost of housing juveniles in the facility.

Skrepenak insists the per-day rates are not excessive. To defend his point, he referred to a facility in Berks County that charges $8 more per day for detention than Luzerne County's $290 per-day rate.

Note: Urban is exposing the scheme but no one is listening.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Juvenile Detention Center Or Is That Front And Center Stage?

Grep Skrepenak Sr. Times Leader Photo

Skrep's dad had his day before the grand jury. Is it related to a subpoena for Luzerne County Commissioner meeting minutes from 2004 to 2007?

A look at the Juvenile Detention Center issue.

New Luzerne County Commissioners, Greg Skrepenak and Todd Vonderheid took office on January 1, 2004. At the end of the year they suddenly decide there is an “emergency” when in fact they had been paying PA ChildCare on a per diem basis for almost two years. On what grounds can they claim an emergency when they already were contracting with PA ChildCare and other facilities throughout the state. They can’t claim there was a capacity issue because the bed census was not at 100% throughout the state or at PA ChildCare. One Commissioner admits bypassing the normal bidding process.

Citizens Voice article 12/31/2004

"An emergency was declared to bypass normal advertising requirements for services, Vonderheid said."

Another Commissioner points out that this lease was costing Luzerne County more money than need be.

Citizens Voice article 12/31/2004

Commissioner Stephen Urban did not support any of the contracts. He said declaring the emergency was unnecessary and proves Vonderheid and Skrepenak acted on the lease too quickly.

Urban continues to push for the county to construct a new facility. He said the cost to taxpayers would decrease by $90 per bed, per day.

"We're spending $4,000 a day more by leasing, rather than building," Urban said. "This was poor management on the part of the majority commissioners."

According to officials at the Committee of Seventy (215-447-3600 Ext. 104) in Philadelphia such a tactic is absurd and should not be tolerated.

Commissioner Vonderheid tries to cover his tracks by asking for the results of the audit being conducted by the State Department of Public Welfare when he already voted for the lease. Once you enter a lease it is very difficult to break. Vonderheid justifies the lease cost based on prices paid for the last three years. Again, if they are doing it for the last three years where was the emergency?

Citizens Voice article 12/31/2004

Vonderheid's letter to Estelle Richman, secretary of the Department of Public Welfare, asking to expedite an audit, which allegedly warns the lease is a bad deal for taxpayers, is too late, Urban said.

"He didn't do his due diligence on this," Urban said of Vonderheid. "His letter is nothing more than back tracking. He is asking questions that should have been asked before he signed the lease."

"The lease was based on rates approved for three straight years, by two different administrations," Vonderheid said.

Vonderheid states if the audit comes back and is unfavorable to PA ChildCare he will do what is right for the taxpayers. What were his actions when he found out about the results of the audit? Nothing.

Further, at the same meeting support services for the PA ChildCare facility are authorized for only 30 or 120 day periods. How can you have an emergency for the main facility but not the services that support it?

Citizens Voice article 12/31/2004

Other contracts approved were for food service, custodial and maintenance service, and health insurance. They were all for 120 days, except the custodial and maintenance contract, which is for 30 days.

It's just keeps getting better.