Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Steve Corbett's "Symbolic Politics" Reference To The American Flag

In an interview today on WILK Steve Corbett, a respected radio talk show host, described what I call disrespect for the American Flag in his interview with Congressman Paul Kanjorski. Atfer 54 seconds into his interview with Kanjorski I was appalled at what I heard him state to Kanjo.

He asks Kanjorski whether "he is in the area or in D.C". Kanjorski repsonds that he is in his Scranton office. (Keep in mind that the prelude to this interview has been announced at least 45 minutes before its occurence by Corbett on air to drum up an audience).

Evidently Kanjorski attended an opening day event at a ball field. Corbett tells Kanjorski "I saw you out with the American Flag on the baseball diamond the other day". He presented an American Flag so the league could fly it at their facility and "celebrate Old glory". Corbett goes on to say "Ya know it's interesting in its most simple form , that kinda symbolic politics I think makes people feel good for good reason."

Mr. Corbett, I didn't know we play politics with our flag. There is a group of men and women known as troops and veterans who would probably take issue with your assessment of Kanjorski's actions. "You got young, high school baseball players who get a flag pole for the baseball players, uhh field so the national anthem can be sung, if nothing else we can put politics aside ( what a minute Steve, didn't you just say it WAS symbolic politics???) it's a good thing but I am sure you will probably get criticized for that too."

Kanjorski's response "Yes some people criticize you for everything, Steve." Kanjorski deserves the criticisms for bailing out the banks, taking over the auto industry, destroying healthcare, ruining Medicare, and bankrupting Social Security. Kanjo said he wasn't going to let the "nut with a camera" get him in a Youtube moment. Kanjo, the nut is in front of the camera, not behind it.

Kanjo, for using the American Flag for most certainly deserve criticism. Then Kanjorski goes on to say "It's part of the game ya know,it's alright with me but it's great pleasure to work with kids like that have good ideas very promising futures for both athletically and intellectually and it speaks so well for Northeastern Pennsylvania". Wow ..and you did a commercial where you respect veterans...??? WOW!! Now you will violate basic tenants of morality and use kids as well as your pawns....Unbelievable.

It gets better. Corbett asks Kanjorski whether he gets "tired of the criticism". Kanjorski immediately goes into protection mode and attacks the Times Leader. Corbett feeds Kanjorski a question asking him if the Times Leader endorsed Lou Barletta last election. Hello,Steve, this primary election the Times Leader endorsed Corey O'Brien...did you lose your mind. They could have endorsed Lou Bareltta but they didn't.

In the face of endorsing a DEMOCRAT you allow Kanjorski to go onto a diatribe about the TL being a Republican newspaper. Nancy Kayman had Kanjorski on July 1st doing a stint about financial reform but you let Kanjorski get away with misbranding and mislabeling the media?? Would Corbett let Kanjorski get away with calling Entercom Communications a Democratic radio station? Pardon my french but WTF?

Corbett went on to say that he couldn't vote for Lou Barletta because if he wins he believes he will be lock step with the Republican Party. Corbett has a very short memory. Last election Barletta went against the establishment in the Republican heirarchy. He went against George Bush. And Tom Corbett wasn't too happy with him either.

Evidently Steve Corbett is willing to put aside the facts of Kanjorski's dismal record despite his claims of wanting to get to the facts.

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