Friday, July 2, 2010

House of Greed- State of Despair

Newspaper after newspaper are giving a thumbs down to the on-time delivery of the Pennsylvania General Fund budget. Much to the chagrin of our illustreous solons the media is not taking the bait to pat them on the back for a job well done.

The Philadelphia Inquirer assessment. Pennsylvania's state budget meets the deadline... but it's still one ugly baby

Opinion in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Faux budget: Hey, Harrisburg, your work's not done

Assessment of the budget by Pennsylvania budget: What it means to you

Editorial that appeared in the Times-Shamrock publications. Lawmakers pass sacrifice to others New budget contains many cuts in service

It is painfully obvious that many legislators are going to have a tough re-election battle come this fall. It is evident that the Democratic party attacking the Repulicans over fiscal conservancy will surely cost them dearly. But the Repulicans are not without blame over the lack of cuts in the legislative budget. Per diems, per diems, per diems. That is a message Harrisburg will hear loud and clear.

It in unconscionable that a legislator making a minimum of $78,314.00 per year demands another $163.00 TAX FREE PER DAY to perform his or her work. Don't let any legislator fool you. Eachus keeps saying what he takes is legal. It's only legal because he gets to make the rules. Its like saying you think a hole in golf "shouldn't be PAR 4 I'll change it to PAR 8".

The unaccountable expense account, fully paid healthcare, dental, eye, vision, too generous pension, car allowance, and telephone provisions plus franking privileges will not be tolerated in a 10 plus percent unemployment environment well into its second year.

To thumb their nose at constituents will go down in history as a period in Pennsylvania government when the legislature finally subcombed to a culture of greed. Not all legislators are greedy but those that aren't need to step up to the plate with a voice much louder than what we are hearing from the House Majority Leader.

Mr. Eachus allowed the power of the leadership to haze his understanding of the needs of those he represents. Families are affected directly by his decisions and votes. He ignores that possiblity when he tries to attack his opponents. He quickly forgets what he did to the people of the 116th who once supported him. Well, come November, he will be reminded.

He can't be Majority Leader unless he gets re-elected. Of course from the ramblings in Harrisburg his tenure will be cut short anyway if he is. His bully style of leadership, the same way he deals with certain constituents, has a short leash of toleration.

Pennsylvania will earn the nickname "State of Despair" unless its leaders or those who should be leaders step forward and do the right thing. Don't tell us you eliminated wasteful spending, DO IT!

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