Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Silent No More : The Liberal Nightmare


Anonymous said...

Its funny that you didn't have a problem with spending when it was right-wing nutjob George Bush in the white house. Now that the spending is actually on productive things all of the sudden its a major issue?

Get a clue!

McGruff said...

Unless I had a conversation with you how would you know what I had a problem with. For your information anyone who is my friend knows that I have said time and again George Bush gave up on this country starting in 2003.

How about this for a clue. Stimulus Spending in the 11th Congressional district was over $329 million. It produced a grand total of 131 jobs. Over $2.5 million per job created. You do the math so you have a clue.

For you information I was calling this economic crisis along time ago. Too many people were keeping the economy alive on false credit and making monthly payments on credit cards but failing to pare down their principal. There were shoestring budgets to buy houses all started by Bill Clinton. It was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down.

State employees who want huge pensions funded by joe the taxpayer. Legislators who want per diems when they ran on the platform that they want to serve you in Harrisburg.

Finally, forget about George are buying into the GB bashing wanted by the liberals to distract you from their lack of accountability and the ability to turn things around. George Bush is gone and Barack Obama now owns this economy and the war in Afghanistan. He ran on the platform that we needed to get out of Iraq and focus on Afghanistan. We aren't out of Iraq and Afghanistan is a major screw up..need any more clues?

Anonymous said...

This video is completely ridiculous.
I love the horror music and screams playing in the background as they talk about Democrats taking control. Then we hear techno music as they project the Republican victory in November. Of course nothing says Conservative like techno.
Then they flash the BP logo in between communist donkey symbols and similar absurdities as if the Democrats are the party of oil.

The deficit we are in is a result of reckless policies of 8 years of Bush / Cheney. Anyone with half a brain knows it takes longer than 2 years to turn such a mess around.

Good luck to you teabaggers and conservative nutbags if you think this mindless propeganda is going to win elections for you. Of course, I have to conceed it very well could. You guys have always done well appealing to the wedge issue voters with scare tactics surrounding gays, abortion, immmigration, etc.