Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barletta Hits The Airwaves First- Proven Leader Who Makes Tough Decisions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Shawn Kelly, Communications
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hazleton, PA – The congressional campaign for Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta announced today that it would begin airing its first television ad on both network and cable stations starting Wednesday, July 14.
The 30-second spot highlights Mayor Barletta’s accomplishments and the tough stances he has taken as mayor.

Mayor Barletta said, “Our strong fundraising efforts have allowed us to begin our TV campaign sooner than expected. Paid media is a part of every campaign, but it should not be the only part. I hope Paul Kanjorski will change his mind and agree to meet me in a series of town halls and debates across the district over the next three months.”

“This is our initial ad and we plan to rotate it with other commercials in the weeks and months to come. We felt it was important to get Lou Barletta’s record of accomplishment and positive message out to the voters. The ad will run for indefinite period of time, and we will likely change things up as we head into the busiest part of the vacation season,” said Lance Stange, campaign manager for Lou Barletta.


Anonymous said...

Proven to drive industry from Hazelton and also to have the highest employment rate in the state. Lets not forget that he also has bankrupt the city. Those things are all proven. If that's the leadership that you want, then go for it...I'll pass

McGruff said...

Okay I'll bite. First off since you aren't from Hazleton you are unaware that there wasn't any appreciable industry in Hazleton. Hazleton is land locked and the major industrial parks are located outside its boundaries- Valmont, Humboldt, . But Hazleton can take credit for two corporations that employ over 2,400 people.

Highest unemployment rate in the state- a false claim made by a newspaper editor that is sympathetic to Eachus and Kanjorski because they gave the charity on which he is a board member $1.3 million combined. Truth is if you read that article the person in charge of the figure said it was misleading. The statistical sample was too small to be accurate. Further...do they have a figure for Lehighton or Jim Thorpe. No, because no one keeps it. So until they keep a figure for every municipality in the state that headline is dead flat wrong.

Also I told you that the major industries are located in outside municipalities but many live inside Hazleton. If you are layed off in Hazle Township but live in Hazleton your unemployment would be listed as a Hazleton statistic, not a Hazle Township one. Again producing a falsified figure.

Can you supply me with the bankruptcy filing for Hazleton? I know you can't because it doesn't exist. Hazleton isn't bankrupt by any means. Due to reassessment right now the tax rate is at 2.38 mills but can go as high as 25 mills by third class city code and to 30 mills with court approval so it has the ability to stay financially afloat if it so chooses. Kanjorski and Mitchell are putting out false claims known as lies if they state otherwise.

Barletta found alternative solutions to prevent tax hikes before reassessment when Hazleton's tax rate was stalled at 25 mills by the same law for over 30 years. Imagine trying to run a business with the same income for the last 30 years while everything else went up. And he doesn't want to raise taxes although he was forced to this year just to keep the city operating.

So what you call proven is actually false and I just proved it.