Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Outgoing Specter Honored With $10 Million Dollars Of Pennsylvania Tax Money

Just when Harrisburg was trying to convince Pennsylvania taxpayers that this year's budget has sacrifices in it(and it does for SELECT non-profits and social programs) this story surfaces from the political watchdog group, Commonwealth Foundation, that Pennsylvania taxpayers are supplying $10 million for the "Arlen Specter Project Library Center" and another $10 million to Johnstown for the "John P. Murtha Center for Public Policy".

Nathan Benefield of the Commonwealth Foundation, a fiscally conservative Harrisburg-based think tank, responded by e-mail: "Unbelievable. Not only are taxpayers going to be forced to shoulder the burden for these projects (which despite billions in spending over the years, have shown no economic benefits), but they're not even getting proper credit. At least call it 'The Taxpayers Library' or the 'Pennsylvania State Debt Center.'"

It's amazing that Rendell sneaks in these legacy projects but touts education as the headliner for the budget. Ed always gets you looking left when you should be looking right.

Arlen, will veterans be able to read about tax on prosthetics in your library?

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