Monday, April 12, 2010

Ann Lokuta Gets Help From The Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice

Ann Lokuta Times Leader photo

Back in August 2009 SOP opined about former Judge Ann Lokuta's attempts to get back on the bench. In September there was news that the Judicial Conduct Board received complaints in the Luzerne County courthouse scandal.

After a hearing before the Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice today the Times Leader is reporting out of Harrisburg that attorneys for Lokuta accused an attorney for the Judicial Conduct Board of engaging in prosecutorial misconduct for failing to reveal to a disciplinary court that it had received a complaint against former judge Michael Conahan, who was a key witness against Lokuta.

The article goes on to describe the specifics that Attorney George Michak makes about the actions that JCB's chief counsel, Joseph Massa described to support his position.

Even if Lokuta is successful in this endeavor and she is restored to the bench, a longshot, she would still face retention next fall. The bigger prize for her here is restoration of her pension. This one definitely needs to play out.


Anonymous said...

her punishment certainly did NOT fit the crime. i'll bet the supreme court won't make a decision until her seat is up. as we can all guess by now, they too, along with the entire court system...are CORRUPT! it's a sin!

Mark said...

Judge Lokuta was railroaded by a proven corrupt and convicted cadre of so called "public servant" (LOL sarcasm!)judges who endeavored only to line their own pockets. She deserves to be restored to her rightful position on the bench immediately. I hope that some true statesmen /stateswomen still exist to rectify this travesty.
Dr. Mark Simko