Friday, August 7, 2009

Judge Ann Lokuta- I Have Witnesses

Personally, I always felt Judge Lokuta received an unfair trial before the Board of Discipline. I had people try to convince me about her behavior but if anyone was put in a pressure cooker like she was I am sure those subjected to it would crack.

The Times Leader is reporting that Judge Ann Lokuta has filed statements with the state Court of Judicial Discipline that verify her allegations that Mark "The Chiv" Civarella and Michael "The Con" Conahan conspired to have her removed from the bench.

Well, back to the whacky side. The court held off making a ruling, however, after Lokuta advised members she had witnesses who would link Conahan to the Mafia. Its just Ann being Ann.

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Gort said...

She may have a point. From the Legal Intelligencer:

In addition to Billy D'Elia former Judge Michael Conahan had a long history of links to organized crime figures.