Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kanjorski's Donations There Outta Here- Well His District Anyway

According to this article in the Pennsylvania Independent Paul Kanjorski found 57% of his campaign money outside the borders of Pennsylvania.

According to a map of congressional districts, Paul Kanjorski (D), the 13-term Congressional incumbent, officially represents the people of northeast Pennsylvania's 11th congressional district. But Mr. Kanjorski's campaign wallet tells a different story, with 57 percent of personal contributions toward his re-election campaign coming from outside the state.

Mr. Kanjorski's case, funds come from 30 different states. During the current election cycle, he has received more than $46,000 from people in New York and more than $34,000 from people in Washington, along with donations from as far away as Ogden, Utah, and San Diego, California. Of his $116,000 in contributions from inside Pennsylvania, nearly $70,000 has come from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh combined, and neither of those cities are part of Mr. Kanjorski's congressional district.

"This is further evidence that Paul Kanjorski does not have any support on the ground from this congressional district," said Vince Galko, a spokesman for one of Mr. Kanjorski's potential Republican opponents in November, Hazelton Mayor Lou Barletta.

P.S. One fact not noticed on the initial post. Look at the money Joe Sestak raised compared to Paul Kanjorski. So much for seniority.

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