Friday, April 16, 2010

Rendell Loses In Money Shuffle- Taxpayers Will Pay The Consequence

In a feeble attempt to balance the budget the Legislature along with Governor Rendell raided the physician malpractice premium subsidy fund, MCare, to the tune of $800 million this year. The fund is used to subsidize premiums especially for high risk physicians to keep them from leaving Pennsylvania. MCare began in 2003 when premiums surged by double-digit percentages annually, although they have stabilized in recent years.

Rendell wanted to use the money to expand a state health insurance program for uninsured adults. Rendell issued a press release in 2008 annnouncing the assault on the Health Care Provider Retention Account to fund the "Cover All Pennsylvanians" initiative.

Pennsylvania's physician and hospitals sued the state over the diverted monies put in the General Fund. Commonwealth Court issued an order requiring Pennsylvania to return the $800 million to the malpractice premium subsidy fund.

The order will cause chaos in an out of control spending Legislature in Harrisburg. It will only add to the taxpayers' burden over a 50% pension grab by greedy solons.

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