Sunday, April 18, 2010

Murtha's Seat Could End Up Going To A Republican

Tim Burns, Republican Congressional Candidate 12th District Speaks With Friends At A Fundraising Rally- Post Gazette Photo

The vote to keep Chris Carney from a seat on the House Appropriations Committee doesn't seem to be the only rebuke of a Democrat by a Democrat. The Post-Gazette is reporting that voters in John Murtha country are leaning Republican according to Dennis Roddy.

In a district that has long belonged to a Democrat from Johnstown even as it drifted away from the national Democratic message, Ms. Banahasky offered three words the Republicans want to hear: "I just might."

She just might, as in, vote a Republican into Congress.

The candidates are Tim Burns, 42, a conservative Republican, tea party organizer and self-made millionaire, and Mark Critz, 48, a conservative Democrat who has spent much of his career on the byways of the sprawling 12th District, working economic development projects funded through Mr. Murtha's seat on the House Appropriations Committee.

"The common theme is people who love America and want to ensure that their children and grandchildren have a strong opportunity in this country," said Mr. Burns.

It is a place in which people still consider themselves New Deal Democrats or Hubert Humphrey Democrats.

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