Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Skrepenak Gets To Remain Free A Little Longer

The Times Leader is reporting that Greg Skrepenak gets another date with the court. Judge Conaboy is postponing his sentencing on corruption charges born out of the biggest scandal to hit Luzerne County for a second time to give federal probation officials more time to complete their pre-sentencing reports. In all likelihood Skrepenak will stay inside the prison walls for 33 to 41 months after pleading guilty to accepting $5,000 from a developer who received a county-backed loan. What a turnaround from a great college and NFL career to the end of what was looking like a career in politics. (Let's see...Skrep says "I have contacts in the NFL"...nahh I think the contacts in Luzerne County are better...) It is time for a new system of government but from what is being said the Luzerne County Government Study Commission is creating a hybrid of what is already in place.

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