Friday, April 2, 2010

Editorial: Eachus's Reasoning Is Way Out of Line

In the Patriot News today this editorial written by Cindy Jones she makes a great point about what the threshold is for deciding what is the proper expenditure of taxpayer money.

Eachus' reasoning is way out of line
By Letters to the Editor
April 02, 2010, 12:47AM

I was appalled when I read House Majority Leader Todd Eachus' reason (March 28) for allowing the 12 staffers to keep the pay raises they received in error was because the combined amount was small.

I'm curious as to exactly what dollar amount of taxpayer money is considered inconsequential enough to warrant it not being returned? That way, if I receive a tax refund from the state that I don't deserve, I'll know how much I can keep or how much of my tax burden I can withhold from paying to the state because, after all, it's not that much money.

"Finders keepers" should never apply when taxpayer dollars are involved.

CINDY JONES, Hummelstown

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