Thursday, September 18, 2008

When does Main Street become Broad Street in Hazleton?

In an interview on Channel 13 from Hazleton dated March 21st, 2008 Paul Kanjorski claimed “I brought into Hazleton City millions of dollars of federal grants that have never been used, and I find it incredible that, over all these years, with millions of dollars of grants, we have some of the conditions that I see on Main Street in Hazleton,” “The main street could have been repaved, sidewalks paved.”

Barletta, on behalf of the City, was insulted by the congressman's remarks.

“I am surprised that Congressman Kanjorski chose to not only attack me but also insult the City of Hazleton, its business owners and developers, and its citizens,” Barletta said. “The fact that Congressman Kanjorski is unaware of the development projects — past and present — here in Hazleton is further evidence he has spent too much time in Washington and has lost touch with his district.”

The mayor also jumped on Kanjorski’s mistake of referring to Broad Street as “Main Street.”

“The fact that the congressman didn’t even know what street he’s on while criticizing its condition speaks volumes about how out of touch he is,” Barletta said.

The question to Paul Kanjorski "What Hazleton were you in??" Hayden Towers, three tenants in its new annex, and a new restaurant, new drug store, intermodel started Lackawanna College opened in the old Post Office building, Luzerne County bought the former KNCB building on Broad St and is locating offices there, mine reclamation project, A.D. Thomas apartment renovation.

So when was the last time Paul took a walk down Main Street, oh sorry, Broad Street, Hazleton? It has become apparent that Paul Kanjorski is out of touch with his distrct. Washington has changed him. He said it in his own words- "Congress has its own laws."

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