Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let's Talk About Fairy Tales

Let's talk about fairy tales. Biden was elected to the Senate in 1972. McCain was elected in 1982. So who's been part of the 'ole boy network longer? Obama talks about change. "Change we can believe in." He picks Biden who's there since 1972 and ignores Hillary who was only elected to the Senate in 2000. McCain picks Palin who has never been there but Obama talks about change. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. The 'ole boy network all of the sudden has a crack in its presentation.

Let's get on about drilling in ANWR. There are those that say drilling in ANWR will not drill us out of our problem. Wake up. Oil is a global commodity not just a United States commodity. If extra oil is added to the world supply market forces will correct price even if it is just a small correction. One expects the United States to go to Saudi Arabia and ask them to increase production to bring the global price down while we sit on our own oil. Saving it for exactly what?? We are giving our money to people who would want to see us dead. Why give them a dollar when we can give ourselves the money? Use ANWR as a bridge until we conclusively reach a point of real commercial production and applications of alternative energy. Did someone say we should walk more and take care of the obesity epidemic while we are at it? Nahhh,,,sounds too simple.

DCNR just sold leases on a little over 74, 000 acres in north central PA, land it owns, for about $189 million. You can read all about it here. Beautiful pristine forests like we all see in northeast PA. I had a pilots license and flew over this area many times.

To listen to the pundits we should not to drill in ANWR which is a desolate place so we don't ruin its environment. Here is a video to watch about exactly what we are talking about and more information can be found here. Yet no one is complaining about the land in PA that soon will be sights for gas exploration rigs.

DCNR has over 2 million acres in its inventory. If it is okay for PA, and I don't have a personal problem with it, why are we allowing others to sell us a bag full of bull about ANWR?Back to that $189 million the state never had before. So do you think they are going to use it for highways or bridges? Or more of the same from Rendell and out of control spending.

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