Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Message About Ney-Kanjorski

Here's what Paul Kanjorski said about his bill.

The Center for Responsible Lending had this to say about the Ney-Kanjorski bill- "Ask your Congressional representatives to oppose the Ney-Kanjorksi bill, H.R. 1295."

And here's what the National Community Reinvestment Coalition had to say- "will weaken existing federal law, and will preempt stronger state anti-predatory law". The mess you see today would have been much worse if the piece of self-interest legislation had ever become law. If you want to read about their failed attempt Google the Responsible Lending Act.

At last our Congress felt the heat
And stopped the regal stratagem
That many laws they laid upon us
Did not apply to them- Art Buck

No, Paul Kanjorski- "In the Congress we have our own rules." According to his rules it was a bill designed to be anti-predatory. To everyone else the real intent to gut the safeguards were clear.

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