Sunday, September 7, 2008

11th Congressional Race Pennsylvania

Lets take a look at the 11th Congressional Race in Pennsylvania between incumbent Congressman Paul Kanjorski and his formidable challenger Lou Barletta. Congressman Kanjorski is seeking his twelveth term in Congress and is facing the fight of his political career.

Paul's troubles began several years ago with a company owned and operated by his relatives that received federal grant money through earmarks secured by Kanjorski. Although this issue has been known for several elections since it was first brought to light it is a fire that will not be extinguished any time soon. The mood of the country, the circumstances, the events that Americans feel violate their trust election after election are reaching the Boston Tea Party point.

No matter how Paul tries to persuade his constituents that nothing he personally did was an illegal act he has miserably failed in addressing their underlying discontent. Cornerstone Technologies and Pennsylvania Micronics, both owned by his family, eventually went bankrupt and approximately $10 million in taxpayer money was lost in the process. The Kanjorski clan has yet to disclose how much of their own personal money was lost in this venture.

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