Sunday, September 7, 2008


I am so mad. Why have people forgotten what happened on 9/11/2001? It is not 2011 nor 2021 or 2031. It is 2008. Almost 3,000 people died that day. Innocent people, not Americans who knew they offered their lives for their country, but ordinary people were terminated from America, from their families, from their dreams. Am I wrong in that sentence? Should we as Americans hold the truth self-evident that as part of our declaration in being America we do offer our lives for our country?

If you watched John McCain during his speech you saw limited mobility on the tele. Did you question why he could not move so much? Did it even dawn on you that there was a problem and why? Did you bother to research his situation to determine the answers to those questions? John McCain was beaten, arms and legs both broke, because he refused to participate in Vietnamese rhetoric. When they found out who he was they offered release to him. True to his honor as an American, true to his patriotism to his fellow comrades, he declined their offer. Insead he held to the tenet that first in is the first person out. He paid a price for that decision.

When you go to vote this election ask yourself one question? Are you going to vote against an American hero or one who wants you to believe he is one?

Don't be fooled by the false message of change. Americans are asking for change. America is not asking to be changed. America knows what it wants.. And it wants Washington to change. If you keep sending the same people to Washington over and over how are you going to accomplish change?

Obama said he is for change yet he chose Joe Biden. Actually his slogan is "Change we can believe in." Biden has been a senator since 1972. He has been in Washington 35 years. Think about that statement. He can claim to be a 5 term Senator but Senators are in Washington 6 years at a time. How does Joe Biden represent change? To me he represents more of the same
Washington and its cronies wanting infamy, destiny, and enshrinememt.


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